Tuesday, January 25, 2022


This gramophone from the early 1900 to mid 1960's
was a joy to have in our houses - especially mine 
that both my father who played accordeon and my 
mother who loved to sing, (the did have a fantastic voice)
was our home theater and we kept listening to 
great voices, instruments, ballads, operas, but keep in
mind that we had to keep turning a handle and have
a very new and clean needle and of course the
33 records. Our collection was mainly of great
opera singers like Caruso, Mario Lanza, Puccini
and many more Italian singers.  Lordy lordy the
hours and hours of music that was floating in our
living room.  When the first radios started to be
affordable these gramophones we disposed off 
and today only very few are still around.  Those
were the days of great music at least for me,
even today I love soft music and not those 
people who shout instead of singing. 
Times passes on and who knows what will be
our next musical instruments ....

Thursday, January 13, 2022



Not all is ... 

White lily
black ink 
in between,

There's always a midway
to find your way in twists and turns.
Look and a solution will appear.

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Who's world is it....


One time one would know in
which time he lived.
Today everyone is a "master of this
and that" preaching it to the 
four corner of the world.  
Are we listening?
I believe not, since we all have
degrees, certificates, passports,
passes no more in papers but in
So I will let you the readers 
decide what is best for you, 
as for me, I'm docking in my four
walls until spring time comes along
so that I can run around and see
the damages of this wartime like

Thursday, December 23, 2021

I believed....

I believed in conquering the beast,
little did I know that it was stronger
than me.
The beast lurked, jumped, hid,
but was always there waiting
in the darkness or sunshine, 
in cold or warm weather, 
it was always there.
I faught with all my strengths,
masked myself, kept hands so clean
my skin was on the brink of breaking
more than once, walking around with 
a yard to keep all at bay, 
but the beast was stronger and smarter
than me.
Fear of the beast is of those who believe
in life and friends, neighbors, family,
including themselves.
Those who play the all mighty are doomed
and blame it not on the beast
but on me and my believes.


Thursday, November 25, 2021

Sad story saga...

The old story teller whispering
softly and gently to the day wind
or night wind. 
"Wind o wind, you who has a
free spirit roaming around, why
do you leave me behind!
You're awareness of my wishing
freedom from those who cut my
wings is unbearable. I pray for your
help and advice, I implore your
force to pick me up and bring me
with you, not caring where or how,
but far enough from my killer.
Yes I'm sure that I will be part of
the statistics of violence against the
women of this world.  Stupid me
for believing that I could change this
animal that is at my side and keeps
me like a broken bird in a cage.
I'm afraid to talk, to walk, to live
one day when I'm fully broken he
will finish me.  No matter if I'm his
slave at his deadliest commands,
I know that I do not have much more
time to be on this world.  
Is it my fault, I don't know, 
am I ugly, but then why keep me prisoner,
is it my stupidity in believing that love
could solve everything around me and
the world of marriage, who knows,
my only sin is that I was born a woman
and that I must pay the price of being
a woman...

NB: Photo not mine, if author recognizes
this work, just email me & I will give you


Monday, November 22, 2021


My lover is very special
he might not be a superman,
or an Olympian, no he's just
and ordinary guy that was
at my side, in good and not so
good time. .. 
But don't tell him, he might get
offended, believing he is the  
best person on this earth. 
Sure he is, but like all humans
faults are shown on a daily basis.
But I love him with all his faults,
is little beer stomach, is lousy jokes.
Let's not get too fussy or he will
tease you for days and forget
all his good promises, but he's
still my lover from the first time
that I laid eyes on him. 
Do not leave me now, I would
not survive and would follow
you as soon as I could. You are
my rock, my lover, my provider...
PS: I swear not to nag you when
we leave this world and grow 
old as angels laughing our way
through fluffy clouds, with
you and your beer and me with
my glass of white wine. 

NB: Thank you to this gentleman
who I met on one of my walks
in a park and started to tell me a
bit of his life and the loss of his
beloved wife who had passed away
three months earlier. 


Tuesday, November 9, 2021

What's new...

What's new in your life?
Mine is very simple, 
I look, I bother my loved
ones, I eat as pleased,
enjoying the outside view
from my hammock in my
mistress bedroom and 
waved by passer bys.
Yours is a crazy life,
running around with a 
mask (necessary still),
too lazy to cook so the
car brings it to you.
don't bother to get 
dressed now you don't
need to shovel the snow,
or grab a paid of rain boots.
Leaves are gorgeous when
they fall down but not when
there soggy and wet. 
You complain about the
juice you pour in your
4 WD, but don't mind
running to just get a bottle
of milk or alcohol or hash.
Set your priorities like me
and you will live to be 101,
not the law on language cat
language is unique and universal,
but of course your age........