Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cry of help

Why this bold image and colors!
strange how when we start to sink
nothing seems to pull us up again.
Nothing seems right and all seems wrong.
Ones mind sees black one day
and white at another day, there's
no in between...
Others seem to enjoy life while me in my
corner can't stop sulking, I'm angry
at the world for not seeing that I'm looking
for a speck of help.
While time passes by in good times and 
hard times, no one, but no one, wants to
tend me a hand.  
Do I turn myself to junk
or do I stay clean, 
do I run or do I stay still.
No answers for now since I'm sure that
none will come tomorrow.
I can't cry and can't scream for fear of
being tagged as a bad human being. 
Do I turn right or do I turn left for asking
for a simple little gesture of help...
I will just sit down and wait for nature
to take it's course and then and only then
I will be free of this world......

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Good Morning Sunshine

In a field of sunflowers,
swinging gently to the mood of the wind,
a happy song can be heard miles around
it's the sunflowers calling the insatiable 
friend the bee to come and start eating.
The clouds are there giving respite from
the heat and the flies are waiting their
turn to explore the immense field of seeds.
I look around and say, Good Morning Sunshine....