Thursday, December 29, 2016

What a Santa this year....

Hi Friends I had the best visit from Santa this year.
I got my desktop pc back, boy did I miss it!
But my greatest gift came from an e-mail that
I received on the 25th from a friend that I had not
heard in the past year.  I did not want to disturb
due to some serious problems this person had.
So you can just imagined my joy when I managed
to finally set up my pc and open the e-mails.
I felt like an happy scrooge (since I did not
contact the person for the year) but what a joy....
Now I want to thank all the e-mails I received
with suggestions, ideas, good wishes for my
old friend desktop computer recovery.  I guess
now that we changed a few (50%) of it's components
and put in my windows 10, I should be OK for 
quite a while.
Thanks also to the people who come and read or
just look at what I try to write down just as it
comes out of my head with no retouching. 
Thank you FRIENDS for supporting me and at
times my unorthodox writing.   

Friday, December 16, 2016

Like a fool

There is no fool like the old fool.
From the look of my pc (very old)
but well kept, I found that I need
to scrap it.
I taught I was very smart and immune
to the world, but little did I know that
I would become part of the statics
YES my computer has died of old age
and now I need to runaround in the
madness of the holidays to rebuild my
computer from scratch.
So this is hopefully not the last message
that I will post here, but just in case
let me WISH ALL A:

"Happy Holidays".

Please come back and check in a few days.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Lost generation

I feel most fortunate to have left a few generation
behind me.
A generation where a woman was less than dirt,
at the mercy of their family and later on of their
spouse.  I do understand that poverty, sickness,
mountains of children mouth to feed was a burden
on some people.  Lucky that the generation before
mine decided to leave behind, houses (if we can
call them that), livestock, parents and their beloved
country, not knowing what lay ahead of them.
At one point only men left for the new world,
leaving behind their young families, their young
wives, their aging parents for a piece of bread
less to feed had they stayed.  For sure no social
help was available having just came out of a war,
just or unjust it was a war just the same and many
lost their lives for the love of their nation.  Where
they brainwashed? why kill and fight an enemy
that you have never seen or heard before.  For the
idealist politician, the incredulous youngster or the
religious individual who believed in all kinds of
ideas, at times invented by leaders to amass a
greater fortune for them and their similar, but
surely not for the population who suffered the
consequences of such actions.
I pray (a word almost meaningless at this point)
and hope for anyone who went through that period
not to see it again in their life time, we lost already
too many generations of humans to loose more in
the future..... 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Do I judge or not...

One of these two gentlemen is my grandfather.
I have never knew his face or his faith.
Why did he marry my grandmother who was
not from the same town and much, but much
younger than him, gave her seven children out
of which only three lived, I'll never know.
I'm not a young girl or woman, I have grown
children who are themselves parents, my own
parents are not in this world anymore and out
of the blues I found this photo, behind was the
name of the man I should have called grandfather,
but I never did, nor did my own father,
or was he knowledgeable about the existence
of this photo. Sure we can't make out the
features but I'm my guts feeling tells me that
it is the stronger and taller man.  He looks
proud and poor, he was an adventurer in his
time, just like some of his grandchildren of
today.  Poor grandmother who could not count
on his support to raise their family.  Why did
you do what you did in your short life.  Oh
yes he was fairly young when he passed away,
from what or how no one would tell me.
I had the right to know about this man, a right
that was to me denied and until I'm on this
earth I will continue to wonder and question
myself, try to remember what little that I was told.
Do I have the right to probe his life, or should I
just let the dead keep their secrets with them in
their graves.  I do not even have that pleasure
to stand in front of a grave and contemplate
his life, since in my country, after 20 years a
person is dead, their remains are taken out of
the grave and disposed off in a commune, that
today after more than 110 years  I would not even
find a death certificate (archives destructed from
an earthquake), my grandmother is gone along
with her 3 children who I'm sure kept their
secret while alive and even now in death.  I will
keep on fantasizing for the man that I love in my
own way......

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Heart of the ocean

The heart of the ocean is laying down
in the depth of the Atlantic ocean
undisturbed for ages.  No one really
remembers what it looks like, is   it big
or is it small.  Does it shine or one could
not differentiate it from the darkness and
the skeletons protecting it.
Who really knows is not here to tell us,
we can look for it, we can fantasize about it,
or is it in a shell well hidden from the
humans eyes.  It is said that he who
touches it will never feel joy from it.
Who had it originally no one knows,
did it made some lady or a greedy man
loose it's mind when it went down in
the darkness of the ocean with more than
a thousand people who taught they were
safe crossing that monster Atlantic.
Oh if only some of those ghosts would
return to us and really tell us that night
events, we can only imagine what it was
like, but he who has not gone through
a similar event will never understand
to be eaten alive by the ocean...
Oh mother why did you give me a pence
to make that crossing for a better life,
why with that ocean liner and not another
one with less pretense.   It was my destiny
just like the destiny of the heart of the
ocean diamond to never make anyone
happy, it preferred to go and rest at the
bottom of a fathomless ocean floor and
never see the light of day again.

NB: photo is replica of a muddy purse
and hat of the 1910 period.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Darkness of the sky

In the darkness of the sky
there's always a bright light.
Use the eyes of your heart and
a shinning light will come out.
It might not be what you
wished to see in the darkness
but as long as you believe in what
you see there always be hope
shining high in the darkness of the
sky.  Do not let fear enter your mind,
but look up at the sky and an answer
will be there for you to see.
Oh I wish I could have directed my
eyes to the sky and search all the
answers there for me to see.
My heart of stone would not look
and today that I closed my eyes
I do not see the sky.  Let me sleep
for a while and then maybe with a
fresh mind and help from the sky
I shall be able to fight back my
demons who blocked my view of the

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Letter to my nonni.

"Good evening or should I say good day...
Today one second your are
on one continent, the next
moment you are thousands
of miles away..."
Why do I write this. I came
across an old photo that I did
not know I possessed of a
great grandmother that I remember
like a faded dream & this photo is
so faded that I can barely see her.
She was not very tall or very slim
but she was not too heavy either.
This lady was my doctor, my nurse,
she was my mentor and guardian,
she would rock me to sleep and
always had an apple, a chestnut or
a piece of bread for me.  Did I cry
or was it her tears that ran over my
face when I left the village hidden in
the mountains to come to this land
of snow and ice, that too I can't
remember, but now that I know what
she looked like after to years that I did
not see her (she died at the ripe age of
94) in the early 1960'. 
Nonni hope that you will forgive me
for not remembering your features but
I was only a small child and now that I
am a grandmother I try to follow in your
footsteps with my own granddaughters...

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Mother nature

Surprised by mother nature is a
lousy statement that only makes us
feel good while saying it.
Mother nature knows it's course
and will not deviate because we
hope and wish that at least for one
year it will not do what it knows to
do best, change our lives, create
havoc on roads, sends people who
believe in being supermen capable of
beating nature not with time but with
last moments ideas.
We have people who keeps telling us to
get ready and be prepared for eventualities
like: ice, snow, winds, scorching sun,
moon changes and disturbing the balance
of oceans, skies that are menacing from
one moment to the next, but still humans
believe that they can CHANGE nature
course and then human pays dearly for it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Read and write

I'm just wandering who are the people
that come and go.
Do they ever leave a little note,
do they just browse and find this
writing so bad that they do not dare
to say so...
Well like it or not, I'm here to stay
for better or worse, grammatical errors
included... But at least I'm writing and
reading and it's more that some people
do in a day, a year or their life time.
That's what my grandmother used to say.

      🙌       😼

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Free spirit flew away

There are no words one can say when a
friend (even if I only saw him once in my
life time).
Now every time I will pass in front of that
house on Marianne and Saint-Lawrence street
in your hometown, my heart will close up
for a fraction of time.
But then a smile will come on my face and
remember all your songs and poems that you
left behind. My brain will remember the tears
I shed when I first heard "Hallelujah".

Now you and god will sing together for all
of us.

R.I.P.  Mr.Leonard Cohen

Monday, November 7, 2016


If only I knew different words,
maybe it would come easier to
express the bottle of feelings that
hide in me.
Words are hard to come by, the
real meaningful words I mean, not
those words who do not pass on
the message that I would gracefully
divest myself and make other people
feel good of THEMSELVES.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

For now....

I'm still standing
a branch with no colors
a twig with 2 remnants
with a background of trees
with no leaves, they are
just standing there guarding
the entrance to a naked forest
abandoned by all living creatures
and us two leaves are awaiting
our cold blanket of snow.
Covered by melting snow, the
growling wind and deep freeze
will be our death, slowly falling
to the still frozen grown, we shall
lay there until we will not exists

Monday, October 31, 2016

On this night

On this particular night
when nothing seems real,
little children are super active.
They are going out as their
preferred imaginative friends.
Some are brave, others not so much.
They hold tight their parents hands
but keep going on. They are big people
too, since they are showing off their
costumes and they get candies on top of it.
Little do they know, that down the road
a fake smoke comes out of boxes,
strange sounds make them wonder
their steps start to feel heavy as they
approach the sounds, the noise, the
fumes, the oooooooooohhhhhhhh and the
aaaaaahhhhhhh of lights and fairyland
fantasies.  So let them dream and be proud
of having survived this magical nights for
all the children who are LUCKY enough
to participate and only appreciate their
enjoyment the next day, after a night of
seeing werewolf, goblins, pirates, queen,
princesses, kings and vagabonds....
all the modern cemeteries on the street
around their homes lit with a bright
jack-a-lantern and a black cat....

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Never lift a hand

A woman is sacred, but then also is
a man,child or old people.
We child,woman,man,old people are
all equals on this earth.
One should never (no matter the occasion
lift a hand to harm someone else.
He (male or female) is not worth the
air that he breaths if a hand goes up
to harm. Excuses are easy to fabricate or
come, when a temper is lost, or a memory
rage, or just the trill that some find in harming
their human or animal fellow.
I can excuse everything except those who
believe they have certain rights to harm
without being punished, believe if it's not
the human justice it will be another justice
but you always have to one way or the other


Rain, rain are you here to stay.
It's been a long time that we have
not felt your presence.
A presence that can be felt in
older body bones.
Why do you say, well it seems
I have miscounted the quantity
of bones I have in my body that
do not rebel at your arrival and
It feels like I'm carrying such a
heavy weight on my shoulders
that I do not wish to go out and
play in the puddles likes I used to
enjoy.  Even the birds must have
the same feelings since for the
last two days I have not seen one
chirping or searching for food.
OK rain now is the time for you
to go away and let the sun dry up
my land and put smiles on babies or
old faces back for a while.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Floating away

It's sad to see one's life floating away in the nothing....
unless it's wanted, no matter who or what precautions
are taken, it's the history of one's life.
So do good in life and forget it,
do bad and remember it.

Have a great sunday on this chilly autumn day.

Friday, October 7, 2016


Alone you left me
on a hot beach,
my feet kept playing
with baby waves
rushing along to catch me.
The sea was shimmering
the silvery stars dancing
to the tunes of the waves
but my heart was heavy
and lonely.  Why leave me
alone in this strange world
when you knew that I can't
live without you by my side!
No stubborn as you are,
you did it your way, running
not with me but with my
dark shadow.  I don't know
this shadow that keeps me
company who is cold,indifferent
to my sorrow, please come back
and we will dance together
until we drop dead of happiness
on this beach for that moment
and all what the future is
planning for you and me....

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Weekend ...

The week is long
with ups and downs
rushing to work
taking care of me,
you or ours.
We don't stop
we don't breed
we just run
run, run and more run
in a city of orange cones,
full of smug, but we
have to live and to live
we need to run,
if you ask people where they
run.... probably they don't know.
So STOP, breed and look around,
enjoy life because it is a very
short two days weekend!

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Had life given me wings
and not a ice bubble,
I would have floated way up high
in the sky where colors are so fine
it's a fairy tale adventure
through and through.
Little stars would light the way for
me to be floating forever and a day!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A little french writing

"Comme la pluie qui secoule et reviens ,
les souvenirs font mille voyages,
parfois mélancoliques autre fois joyeux,
mais se sont toujours les souvenirs
que l'on a bâtis avec le passage du temps
et en nous ils restent....."

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Booms and a bangs

I was there, all alone, playing my violin on
a warm end of summer night.
All was quiet, no wind to disturb or bright
stars to peak on me with just my violin's
notes floating around my heart was dancing
of joy.
The world was still,
one could hear the cicada
singing to the mood of my fingers on
strings all in unison softly at times or
raging at other times.
Then out of the blues all shattered
with booms and bangs, the sky became
busy with lights, colors and strange sounds.
I walked over to see the commotion,
it was a boom and bangs for children of the
area who screamed oooohhhsss and aaaahhhhss.
I took my violin and imitated the sounds
to no avail ... this time around the boom and the
bangs won over my soft melodies, but music
it still was..... only their music was a bit louder
than mine !!!!!!! 

Monday, September 12, 2016


A date in the calendar maybe,
it's the hole in one's heart that counts.
We search,
we reason,
we shed tears,
it's the memories that counts.
We look at their images,
maybe in black and white,
or an old Polaroid shot,
but in our hearts they have
no color, only beautiful
accounts of their lives shared
with us while on this earth.
Don't cry for them,
don't make them feel guilty
of leaving us behind to deal
with their passing.
Light a candle when they come
in our dreams, ,they want light and
only us can satisfy that desire.
At night look way up in the sky
and wave at the twinkling stars,
It's them passing by and they
salute us for thinking
of each and everyone
of them who left without a
goodbye to their loved ones  on 9/11.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Angel dreams

Dreams of the angel are
softer than the caress of a
It turns around in million of
ways leaving you unsatisfied
for a while.  When the tiny
feather touches you hair
you feel it.
It will touch your eyelashes
making you blink a few times.
The tip of the feather will touch
your button nose and steal a
sneeze but the angel will laugh,
giggling for a time.
Our little angel tries to grab the
feather to no avail, it is faster than
the wind, gentler than the early
breeze. It dances around, it falls
to the ground, it goes up again
spinning for a while.
Our friendly little angel just tires,
closes it's eyes and on a soft
swish of the feather just falls
in the dreamy land.
Sleep little one don't let anyone
disturb you peace....

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sparkling face

You called Flower,
your words and lips
made me sparkle.
Even I knew that all
sparkle is not always
shinning star.
But all the sparkles blinded me
and now I have to live with
the shame of having shown
you how much I wanted you,
so much so that from the day
you left, my face has not
sparkled for anyone else......

Monday, September 5, 2016

Ice Heart

You keep calling me
"Ice heart".
I really never understood
the meaning of it.
I passed over the comment
telling myself "He does not
mean it..."
Believe me I pretended not to
understand those two little
words with a world of meaning.
You just made me realize that
I really had a heart waiting to
beat for the right person,
and that person was not YOU.
Oh you saw it melting drop by
drop, I begged you to stop
those drops of ice melting
but not because you shamed
me with your words, but
because I never truly had the
guts to just up and go and
leave you there standing not
understanding how come I
finally realized what you taught
was your way of telling me
that you did not love me.
How blind, dumb and deaf
I was not listening to my heart
everytime it told me that you
where just a sad specimen of
humanity and for that reason
my heart froze at your sight.
THANK YOU beautiful heart
of mine to have shown me that
you are more precious than
empty words, kisses and
freezing hands. 
who will never know their
way to a woman's heart.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The last flowers

A flower has feelings I believe.
Today I spent a couple of hours
just looking at flowers that bloom
in my garden.  Early morning rays
found some flowers still sleeping,
while others were just fully awake
and shining.  My eyes went
naturally to the sleeping flowers to
see their awakening and searching
for the warm sunrays.
The moon was still visible in the
blue sky, but this time my lady friend
the moon had not capted my full
attention.  No I had to see the
evolution of the flowers to life
for me to enjoy and write about.
I'm no fancy writer, I write what I
see not with my eyes but with the
heart to that's beats in me.
I will enjoy this phenomenon until
the flowers start to cause my allergies
waken up and then I close myself in
the four walls and not able to see
them before they just freeze in time....

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What I Found

When I need a spirit upload I direct myself to
great opera singers and their friends.  A full
collection of these artists lift my mood and
go back in time when life was simpler and
honest.  Sure quarrels existed between families
but they never lasted long or they would die
and not speak to each others for their living
This is what I have found that to me depicts
our strange world of today.

"Where is the justice in this world?
The wicked make so much noise mother
The righteous stay oddly still
With no wisdom
All of the riches in the world
Leaves us poor tonight

And strength is not without humility
It's weakness and untreatable disease
And war is always the choice
Of the chosen
Who will not have to fight...."

The Italian version goes like this:

"Dov'e la giustizia in questo mondo?
Mamma, i malvagi fanno cosi tanto rumore.
I giusti rimangono stranamente in silenzio.
Senza saggezza, tutte le ricchezze del mondo
ci lasciano poveri stasera. E la forza e nulla
senza umilta.
La debolezza una malattia incurabile.
E la guerra e sempre la scelta degli eletti
che non devano combattere".

NB: Photo is mine and depicts the feelings one
gets when you look out of your soul.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

White feather

Not everyone with mortal eyes can see me,
my presence is felt from the sky for the one
with special eyes.
I can run or float around and around in the
blueness of the skies and still only a few
will track me down. Do not fear to search
my signals, but rather just watch me frolic
around and maybe just maybe catch the 
feather intentionally lost and dropped for you.
Look down around the fields of grass or
the shinny windows for that feathers will
make your instances worthwhile since
there will be many white,  fluffy
feathers to tell you that an angel as blessed
you and will be back to embrace you with
all it's might....

Saturday, August 13, 2016


In the full darkness of the night,
taughts assaulted my loneliness,
like a book turning it's pages all by itself.
No worries, easy life, chasing
unfulfilled dreams of my past
with the hope of beating everyone
else in reaching these without
a sweat.
Life had a different story for me
full of falls, demons,sadness and
once in a while a joy as a consolation prize.
You can't stop the crumbles of
your life, just as you can't stop
those dark moments running freely
in your mind. You can hide behind
dark glasses but you can't stop
tears falling around your face,
there's too many falling at an
excessive speed, but then if
asked why, you will say that it's
because of specks of dust hitting
your eyes.
A slight, faint light appears at
the window and suddenly your
life seems less heavy. You know
that light brings daylight and
after the darkness and sadness
you will rejoice in the morning
light that brought you back from
the darkest moments of the night.
O stars say good morning to the sun
that comes to warm me up and show
me that life is worth living after all.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Storms they are so many,
starting from the one that explodes
in my head every night.
I look at the dreams and try
to make sense. Storms are
frightening, but after the storm
there's always a bright light to
console me.
The sky becomes dark, menacing,
my eyes tell me that a bright
star shower will follow and I will
feel the purity of the earth cleansed
right after the storm.

Untill you say YES

Like two lovers we are alone
we feel the world is all ours,
you keep your distance from me,
I keep my distances from you.
Slowly, so slowly our eyes are
searching themselves not being
used to this feeling of strangeness
that we are trying to show the world.
Oh how I miss your dancing eyes
reflecting mine in them. I head and
my heart aches at this distance we
seem to have fallen.  Far away
little dancing stars keep coming and
going from the horizon to our feet and
still we pretend to be an ocean apart.
O my love and only love what can I
say to reach you and make you mine
again.  My arms ache at not encircling
you, my hands a frozen from not caressing
you, my hole body is revolting and me
poor keeper of this body have to refrain
because YOU are still thinking of me as
a stranger in your life.  Dearest love of
mine just put me out of my misery and say
that you will be mine so that I can shout it
to the sun, the dancing stars on the water,
to the birds so they can join us in our
happiness.  Untill you say YES, I will not
be me and I will be just the shell of a
human man.....

Saturday, July 30, 2016

The angel's path

Like a child I'm following a bright light
way tucked in the city for him to follow,
no luggage is necessary to follow the
bright light.  Oh if only one could just
up and go, but like always there's no
fixed time so we shall follow the path
only when our time comes.
Don't feel bad if halfway you or someone
else decides for you to turn back at the
beginning of the path since there is no
space for you to follow yet.
I do want to become an angel but only
when the time is right and not one second

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fur and Feathers

From an old story told me as a child,
only today I can relate it with this
photo collage that I have done in these
few days....

Up in the mountains the fur was the enemy
and the feathers were soldiers fighting the
enemy.  Hope you can make out the fur and
the feathers.

Child's mind....

Note: Sorry for not finishing this story, but the
boy who was extremely sick just left our earth
and joined the angels in another world, where
no pains exists, no tears flow down tiny faces,
no need to be poked and probed by humans
who would give their own life if it would save
one of these angels stay a while longer among
their loved ones.
Our two little ones, deep down, sensed that the
grown-ups were lying to them about their
friend being gone during the night when no one
was around to play with him.  When you see
and empty bed just a little bigger than a crib,
being scrubbed and the hole room sanitized
you just know that it's not normal.  But nature
knows how to ease the pain and sweeten the
feelings of sadness for which children are
capable of.
Grown ups to loose a child it's almost the end
of the world, you ask yourself: "Why him, just
why him who had not started a life yet.  Why
not take me instead that I have lived and maybe
do not wish to live anymore for fear of getting
old, sick, foolish or even non descriptive among
the living in today's world.

So this story ends here, and maybe one day
I would want to talk to these two children left
and hopefully will alive to tell me what they
really felt deep down when they saw the empty
bed next morning....

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Child mind...

Now let's see where I stopped with our two little friends.

First of all they had to pull their underwear up otherwise
the nurse will scold them and separate them.
To celebrate this accomplishment they did a "high 5",
just like their orderly did with them.
Now Mil who is a little more mischievous tells his twin,
"we have to made a flower to give to the very sick child
can you think how Mommy used to make one for us
when we were very small?
O I remember said Mel we go in the bathroom and find
20 rolls of paper and then we can made 20 flowers.
Mil said: how we're going to hide all that paper and
how we going to color it, all white flowers is not very nice.
Mel says OK just let me think while a nurse was looking
at them and wandering what they were up to...
The dragon nurse approached the little guys and said
It's time to check you both and then I will give you some
candies and will bring you for your inside tummies pictures.
Mel had to give Mil one of his kidney and both children had
to be in perfect shape before the big day (3 days later).
In unison said "OK".
now they knew where to get the paint for the flowers, from
dragon nurse's desk where a can of coloring was kept to
spray on parts of small children to get them used to the
light and shapes of ultrasound tests.
They started to giggle and holding their underwear trotted
to their room.
Like all children around the world they have an extra fine
hearing and could hear the little guy two rooms  down
moaning from pain.  The look at each other and on tippy
toes go and investigate.   The friend had a very bad day in
the pain department he was red from high feaver and
shaking, slowly, so slowly they approached and wispeared
"Can we give you a hug and maybe you will feel better?
the other child could not even acknowledge and just turned
toward the window, where a sparrow was looking inside
and kept turning it's head". A nurse came running and hushed
the twins away telling them they could not stay there, that
their friend needed peace and quiet and could not play with
them,  With sad eyes, their joyfulness evaporated in a fraction
they turned & went back to their rooms, climbed into their
low crib and put their thumbs in their mouth and in their
way I guess must have felt that their friend  would not be
there for much longer.....

To be continued....                                

Friday, July 8, 2016

Child's mind

What does a child sees in a mural not
painted by adults but by other children
who are worst off than they are?
Two small twin children, just came out
from a very sick little boy, they both had
a lost look on their faces, but no tears
streaming down from sky blue eyes
until they advanced 10 baby feet out of
the room.  Both looked at each other and
just looked as if they had seen a ghost.
Mil said to Mel "Why do you think
Red is white like my underwear and
his head looks like a colored watermelon".
A child thinking is not to be ignored but
rather understood, he knows that something
is wrong even if he can't give it a name.
Our two little fellows turned their attention
to a chalkboard and just started to draw,
nothing fancy, just lines, circles, dots and
so on. Until both stopped & looked at their
work.  They were amazed and mystified by
it.  Not by the quality or quantity, not for
artistic value or greatness but because it
was the expression of their feelings that they
couldn't convey to the adults. When you see
two toddlers looking from their achievement
to the room where the other child was confined
to his bed, they kept staring in the space and
their work, you can see the wheels turn, turn
and turn, what are they up to now...

Story to be continued.....

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Caring one another...

For all the men and women
who fight with their lives to protect me,
my parents,my children,
my home,my ways of life
and yours.
Soldiers who have blood running in
their veins do not hesitate to risk it for ME.
I admire your courage and expertise,
until you reach the enemy visible or
invisible full of dangerous situations,
you don't think of your own safety,
but rather the safety of your countrymen,
faced with danger or events on your path,
you will not turn your back on it.
I can't  even know or imagine what goes
through your mind, but I'm sure that fear and
safety is always on it.
Like this image (I don't know the
author of it) you look after your own and
the animals that might accompany you
on your missions and when it's time to
take a rest your first concern is making
sure that everyone is well covered from
all dangers  (in this case "the dog") and
your brother of arms.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Be silly

Create your own portfolio.
Bright, focused, out-of-focus,
black and white, monochrome,
or just a silly idea you get
like this one that I call my
"VOLCANO".  a real volcano
is usually orange,red,yellows
and lava is very fluid.
My volcano is dull, full of smoke
and very smooth slopes.
A little like I would feel in front
of a volcanic situation that I could
not stop.
So with my PC, my crazy ideas
I relinquish my ideas and hope
to help anyone who reads me
that it's up to you to move and not
wait for someone else to do it
for you.....
I told you guys that my Volcano was
very special!

Don't cry

When the world is full of nonsense and
you just can seem to follow, then
what can you do.
Scream and complain, I really don't
believe the results will be satisfactory.
Grab a book, put on good walking
shoes or just drive to your favorite
spot and stop, look and breath as
calmly as possible.  If you have a
camera, it does not need to be a fancy
expensive one.  Plain point-and-shoot
and off you start approaching either
nature, objects, people and keep on
taking photos.  Do not be afraid of the
quality or the quantity, if there are too
many then for sure you will delete those
that did not turn out exactly master pieces.
You will calm down, pass the time and
even be more famous that the famous
people who profess being genius.
Not all will follow this silly advice but
that's what I do when I feel that life
is slowly passing by me and I can't
control it.  This time of the year caution
is necessary, always be prepared for
heat, don't over do it, but don't lock
yourself in between 4 walls and cry on
your destiny.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Babbling is not only for babies,
If I could express my own ideas,
without having to ask for help
I would certainly do it.
Life as thrown me a curve that
I can't pass over. I have a tongue
of steal, eyes of a hawks,
ears of an elephant, feet more
agile than a gazelle, fingers that
can talk faster than my eyes can
see, but I still miss what all the
normal people have and that is
a particle of patience.
Patience the mother of all virtues
instilled in all of us but few
humans can master when you are
born with a split personaly..... 

Be positive you're alive

Nothing is more perfect for a dose of
medication than you own POSITIVITY -
Positivity =  life.



Have a great day and thank you for visiting
my blog TODAY.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Past and future of humans

What do you see?
Maybe the past when the moon
was our friend and guiding light.
The sky with it's galaxies in a myriad of colors,
or the human flower that is split in two
I on the other side, see a sad way of living,
people bickering, killings and there's no one
who knows how to stop this madness that is
instilled in your present day life.
Don't look at me for too long because I don't
like your face so puffff you go.
Don't try to instill good manners in children,
they will report you to the authorities.
If I don't take care of a child, feed him, let
him grow a man, I am slapped on the hand
and asked to change my ways.
But then I'm imprisoned if I don't take care
of an animal and they slam me 10 years of
prison, but for a child I'm allowed to plead
momentary mental insanity, one or two years
and I'm free again...
That's the past and the future of humans
who are destroying themselves and don't even
realize it...........

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Rainbow flag carriers...

I forgive you for not understanding what mother
nature gave me and my friends, neighbors or
all the others that I don't know.
I have not chosen to be different from the rest
of humans, but the creator decided that I was
going to be different and as such I respect what
was decided for me at my conception in this life.
Do not blame those who gave me life, but
be happy that they accept me as I am.  I respect
all who they are and don't argument, don't disrespect
them or harm them in any way during my life time.
I'm sorry for the sorrow of those who loved me
unconditionally and were by my side when I needed
support. So now that my life was truncated, from
way above I will try to console you in your sleep,
wispear in your dreams and dry your tears, because
now I'm in a world that does not differentiate who,
what, when, why I am what I am.
Bless all of you left behind in your world now, just
remember that I had blood flowing through my
veins just like you ...
R.I.P who carried the torch and the rainbow flag

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Write ....

One does not need to read some one's else
writing to try to match it or surpass it. 
But wait a minute, if I don't write my own
feelings or believes, who then will pass the
torch to the next generation of readers.
A book or in this case a blog is an essential
place to express oneself & respect the reader
opinions or comments.
That is the most difficult work one will do for
the generations to come. My views will become
antiquated in a few years and it's fine with me.
I won't be around to see the next generations
and their ways of thinking, writing and passing
on to their next generations.  But so is life and
WE have no choice than accept it.
There will always be a few lights shinning in one's
mind but not always all of them will light at the same

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Just because....

What is torn you don't mend...
Who says we have photo rules?
Fear not of the night, but of the malicious wolf...
Adventurous like all angels & you will find interesting  places and humans.

And with these images I will give you the good day, pleasent evening or a restfull sleep.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Do I dare....

Do I dare to look around me,
don't defy me and I will not dare you.
I am a poor soul in search of better
days ahead for I fear the rest of my
life.  I'm a rebel by nature and very
obstinate, like all females.  I can be
extremely tender towards a fallen
child, but I will loose patience with one
who will not listen.  I love nature
but I don't feel comfortable if nature
try to invade my life.  I love pets from
far away, so when I see a loose pet
I pray that they stay away from me,
but to no avail, they sense my
lack of love for them and as such they
give me a hard time.  I love to walk
bare foot, but I can't stand the hot
asphalt of the city.  I tend to look up
and as such find myself in precarious
situations, a hole, end of a sidewalk,
a shrub and so I can easily find
myself on the ground, but I can laugh
at the situation and myself.
So if you are like me, accept yourself
as you are and be happy...........

Saturday, May 28, 2016

She devil

Even she devil needs help,
help to get away from everyday
It fantastic to see that not everyone
has an easy life.
Hopefully the difference between me
and the she devil is that I can turn on
my a/c but not her.
I can slam the door and just leave on
the spur of the moment not giving a
darn of the ones left behind, but after
a while guilt assails me and return
back from where I ran away.
A she devil has to listen to the master
giving his orders, cajoling poor
innocent females to follow her and not
look back.  Consequences are not
allowed to ponder in the mind but
just do it and the hell with hurt, crying,
sobbing, laughing at oneself.
Oh I wish this poor  she devil could
find an escaping route, solutions to
remedy herself  if only she knew the
bad that she inflicts on poor  souls
like you and me....                                            

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I never let go...

It's late and my brain is mush,
my feet ache and my arms are
heavy from lifting junks around
the home. My hair is a darn mess
but the sun and the wind we had
made my day for working outside
and enjoying the freshness of
nature before the horrendous
heat of June and July arrive, and
that's when hopefully I will again
be ready to write and go on
photographic outings.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ideas and dreams never die

Have your sound up & listen.

A germ is slowly growing in your mind.
You or me mortals are reluctant to try
what our brains tell us or commands us
to do.  We fear the reaction of our fellows,
we reluctantly take a step backward for
fear of retaliations, not knowing that the
other person feels the say way.
Unless one is disconnected from everyday
life, one can always remedy and find it's
way in the present and future.
The past we have no control over it,
we the future is all ours to explore,
to feel, to live and to die in it.
Was I younger and in perfect health
I would for sure love to join those
daredevils who after hardeous work and
training leave this planet and go for the
unknown galaxies experimenting what
me and you only can dream about
the exploration of the space around our
planet earth...

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Why did I put a running in the wind horse...
a feeling maybe or just the love for these
beautiful animals.
In my city many horses pulling caleches were
hit by cars.  But two weeks ago one of these
animals was hit by a car, then we saw the animal
get up and keep going. This horse was extremely
lucky that nothing major happened to him, while
others never made it.
Two more horses died on a race for the shear
pleasure for humans.  Poor animals one died of
exhaustion, the other fell and had to be put down.
Are we humans or crazy.
Let these animals run free!

A beach

"Bring me on a beach,
where freedom is abundant,
let the wind be my friend,
the peebles quietly take my
foot steps to another dimension
and washed by the gentle
wave until my next escapade
on a quiet beach day...."

Friday, May 20, 2016

Sense of honor

There comes a time when human loose
their human sense of honor.
What is a sense of honor, surely scholars
have debated this idea for centuries.
We believe we found a just middle then
all hell brakes loose and all human loose
that sense of honor.
From early in life one learns from parents
that to be a man you need a sense of honor,
so the child looks, sees, learns.
Growing up he tries that system that as
soon as they step in the four walls that we
call schools, bit by bit he that sense of honor
starts to crumble until there's nothing left.
Childs against parents, parents against childs
then there's those that are against their
families, then friends and so on....
Until we reach a period where there is no
going back and we are tangled in a web
created by ourselves but we blames the
others for it.
Like the song "I never promised you a rose
garden.... even if I shoswed it to you, you know
that in your life there will be a little rain sometimes.