Tuesday, June 30, 2015


In Cherokee - just enjoy in silence

Please after reading these few words below,
click on the image and just listen....

Some people no matter
how old they get
never loose their beauty,
they merely move it from their
Faces to their Hearts.
Facility with words that reaches
the deepest crevices of your
inner world or facial expressions
and words that even trying to hold
yourself, you will burst of laughter.
Be yourself and don't worry, you
can reach all those around you who
need your love and laughter .....

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sanctuary of ignorance

There is a new dawn for selected people.
There is a sundown for those who make the day.
Why is it that all day and evening are not
the same to population around the globe.
I don't believe anyone can answer me,
do not wish to hear lies or fantasies of writers
or prophets. 
So let me live, my life, in the sanctuary of ignorance...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A trickle...


Click on photo to ...
A trickle at a time,
a drop just for me,
another drop followed
the initial ... until it
created a downpour.
Never believe a weatherman
but you can rely on your
aches & pains announcing
changes in the weather.
We try to outsmart nature
but then nature outsmarts
all of us either a simple man
of the land or a high appraised
So listen and feel and you will
not get caught off guard.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Gorgeous day

Today it is a gorgeous day outside ...
But I can't really enjoy it ....
A wedding is on my agenda....
NOT MINE that is ...
but a relative and who am I
not to attend this type of occasion.

Friday, June 19, 2015

No tears .... please

Tears are lost on people,
like the rain trickling down
from the white clouds  above
the heart freezes and is oblivious
to the shape and sounds the dark
or white fluffy cloud makes ...

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

As it turns....

Let the world turn and you follow it....
Let your eyes do the walking,
your ears the sentinels that will go on
alert at the first sound.
Do not be a passive creature but an
active to the fullest power you have in
your hands.


Colors be it sharp or just fainted are exceptional to
one's eyes.

criss cross background

The beauty of a flower has no limit........

Monday, June 15, 2015

Yellow sun

When the sun is not present on a daily basis,
then you have no choice than to brighten
your day by yourself.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Rain, rain and more rain....

As a child when we were tired
and impatient of the rain that came
down day in - day out, my grandmother
used to make us say a few words like these:
..." rain rain go away please come back
another day..."
So we repeated these words maybe
20, 40, 50 times and either because
we were small children we kind of
believed them. The trick was that we
had to say them just before going to bed
so I won't go on about this  saying..........

You make your own opinion and prove
my granny right or wrong!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wild Rose land

I dreamed of a country called Wild Rose...
Where the night and day are
amalgamated one to another,
a stranger wouldn't make a difference
to this phenomenon after a while.
A land with little dancing clouds
day in and day out.
Horses born in this harsh land run wild
and other times parched with creeks and rivers
they just roam for survival.
Alongside coyotes they will stop at one of
a million lakes to salute a goose or geese
who playfully release their never ending melodies
to the moody wind.
Is it a roar or is it a warning to baby bear not to
adventure too far in the wild, or will it send the
groundhog back in his hole for fear of the
unknown until all the termination of the commotion
reaches his safe sanctuary.
A heat blanket surges from the belly of the land
swayng fearlessly up and down the horizon.
A gentle wind passes close to the caked cracked land
and from the mouth of the heart, emerges a tiny bug,
one can't tell what it will produce in a week or maybe
a day or two.  Experience tells the viewer it will be the
most beautiful and respected flower of these prairies
and harsh land ... none other than the WILD ROSE to
embellish the scenery of a hard earned name,
respect and beauty in a land with no name.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Our world

Sun rays accompany you while
on vacation.
It runs with you and around you,
nothing could stop their run
searching for a little spot to rest a while,
not knowing that they were born
to renew itself every and each time the
sun commands it.
Oh rays you are the joy on ones face
you give out your smile and cries freely.
You dance on the oceans and play
hide seek in the forests of Amazon or
the tundra of the north poles.
You burn faces of the laborer and
those who do nothing than smile or
people who build castles then just
washed away by your friend the ocean.
Along with your best friend the wind
you can create havoc or just give out
a little breeze and warmth to those who
suffer in silence.
Early morning little creatures await your
waking up to start their days from the
depth of the ocean to the highest mountain
known to mankind.

Leave a note please...

I see so many people or I should say people
from so many countries who come,
look around and I really don't know what
they think of my initiative.
I don't pretend for a looker or a reader to
leave a long, elaborate message,
but just "Hi I'm from (your country)
and just stopped by for a moment...."
My passion is to reach as many people
as I can either with my photos that are not
professional ones but just from another
human who love to show my world.
Thank you and happy to see you coming.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Our lives!

Yes our lives are full of sunshine
or at other times dark with
black clouds hovering over our
At times we feel happy like
children and will jump in a puddle
of rain accumulated on a side
walk hoping that no one will see
us and think we need to be seen
by a medic.
Other times we will walk out
on a balcony and just look at
the stars twinkling in a pitch
dark sky.
But my best time is when I
talk to the moon, telling her that
she looks beautiful withher
orange look, or her gray and
black face. Or simply I ask her
to walk with me in silence so
both we can enjoy a few minutes
of peace in this tormented world...
So if you excuse me I'm going to
join the moon outside and just
ask her to be my companion for
a while before I go and sleep
for the night.

Good night or good morning
wherever you are on this planet.

I'm back....

Finally I'm back on this side of
my two blogs.  The Italian one I
had a chance to keep it going.
This one in multi languages had
a bit of problems and also lack of
time to dedicate to it.
But now I'm determined to come back
and bring it back to life. Hope you
will join me in my adventures in nature,
in short stories or at times only a one
Thank you all.