Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Mother nature

Surprised by mother nature is a
lousy statement that only makes us
feel good while saying it.
Mother nature knows it's course
and will not deviate because we
hope and wish that at least for one
year it will not do what it knows to
do best, change our lives, create
havoc on roads, sends people who
believe in being supermen capable of
beating nature not with time but with
last moments ideas.
We have people who keeps telling us to
get ready and be prepared for eventualities
like: ice, snow, winds, scorching sun,
moon changes and disturbing the balance
of oceans, skies that are menacing from
one moment to the next, but still humans
believe that they can CHANGE nature
course and then human pays dearly for it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Read and write

I'm just wandering who are the people
that come and go.
Do they ever leave a little note,
do they just browse and find this
writing so bad that they do not dare
to say so...
Well like it or not, I'm here to stay
for better or worse, grammatical errors
included... But at least I'm writing and
reading and it's more that some people
do in a day, a year or their life time.
That's what my grandmother used to say.

      🙌       😼

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Free spirit flew away

There are no words one can say when a
friend (even if I only saw him once in my
life time).
Now every time I will pass in front of that
house on Marianne and Saint-Lawrence street
in your hometown, my heart will close up
for a fraction of time.
But then a smile will come on my face and
remember all your songs and poems that you
left behind. My brain will remember the tears
I shed when I first heard "Hallelujah".


Now you and god will sing together for all
of us.

R.I.P.  Mr.Leonard Cohen

Monday, November 7, 2016


If only I knew different words,
maybe it would come easier to
express the bottle of feelings that
hide in me.
Words are hard to come by, the
real meaningful words I mean, not
those words who do not pass on
the message that I would gracefully
divest myself and make other people
feel good of THEMSELVES.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

For now....

I'm still standing
a branch with no colors
a twig with 2 remnants
with a background of trees
with no leaves, they are
just standing there guarding
the entrance to a naked forest
abandoned by all living creatures
and us two leaves are awaiting
our cold blanket of snow.
Covered by melting snow, the
growling wind and deep freeze
will be our death, slowly falling
to the still frozen grown, we shall
lay there until we will not exists