Saturday, August 13, 2016


In the full darkness of the night,
taughts assaulted my loneliness,
like a book turning it's pages all by itself.
No worries, easy life, chasing
unfulfilled dreams of my past
with the hope of beating everyone
else in reaching these without
a sweat.
Life had a different story for me
full of falls, demons,sadness and
once in a while a joy as a consolation prize.
You can't stop the crumbles of
your life, just as you can't stop
those dark moments running freely
in your mind. You can hide behind
dark glasses but you can't stop
tears falling around your face,
there's too many falling at an
excessive speed, but then if
asked why, you will say that it's
because of specks of dust hitting
your eyes.
A slight, faint light appears at
the window and suddenly your
life seems less heavy. You know
that light brings daylight and
after the darkness and sadness
you will rejoice in the morning
light that brought you back from
the darkest moments of the night.
O stars say good morning to the sun
that comes to warm me up and show
me that life is worth living after all.

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