Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What I Found

When I need a spirit upload I direct myself to
great opera singers and their friends.  A full
collection of these artists lift my mood and
go back in time when life was simpler and
honest.  Sure quarrels existed between families
but they never lasted long or they would die
and not speak to each others for their living
This is what I have found that to me depicts
our strange world of today.

"Where is the justice in this world?
The wicked make so much noise mother
The righteous stay oddly still
With no wisdom
All of the riches in the world
Leaves us poor tonight

And strength is not without humility
It's weakness and untreatable disease
And war is always the choice
Of the chosen
Who will not have to fight...."

The Italian version goes like this:

"Dov'e la giustizia in questo mondo?
Mamma, i malvagi fanno cosi tanto rumore.
I giusti rimangono stranamente in silenzio.
Senza saggezza, tutte le ricchezze del mondo
ci lasciano poveri stasera. E la forza e nulla
senza umilta.
La debolezza una malattia incurabile.
E la guerra e sempre la scelta degli eletti
che non devano combattere".

NB: Photo is mine and depicts the feelings one
gets when you look out of your soul.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

White feather

Not everyone with mortal eyes can see me,
my presence is felt from the sky for the one
with special eyes.
I can run or float around and around in the
blueness of the skies and still only a few
will track me down. Do not fear to search
my signals, but rather just watch me frolic
around and maybe just maybe catch the 
feather intentionally lost and dropped for you.
Look down around the fields of grass or
the shinny windows for that feathers will
make your instances worthwhile since
there will be many white,  fluffy
feathers to tell you that an angel as blessed
you and will be back to embrace you with
all it's might....

Saturday, August 13, 2016


In the full darkness of the night,
taughts assaulted my loneliness,
like a book turning it's pages all by itself.
No worries, easy life, chasing
unfulfilled dreams of my past
with the hope of beating everyone
else in reaching these without
a sweat.
Life had a different story for me
full of falls, demons,sadness and
once in a while a joy as a consolation prize.
You can't stop the crumbles of
your life, just as you can't stop
those dark moments running freely
in your mind. You can hide behind
dark glasses but you can't stop
tears falling around your face,
there's too many falling at an
excessive speed, but then if
asked why, you will say that it's
because of specks of dust hitting
your eyes.
A slight, faint light appears at
the window and suddenly your
life seems less heavy. You know
that light brings daylight and
after the darkness and sadness
you will rejoice in the morning
light that brought you back from
the darkest moments of the night.
O stars say good morning to the sun
that comes to warm me up and show
me that life is worth living after all.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Storms they are so many,
starting from the one that explodes
in my head every night.
I look at the dreams and try
to make sense. Storms are
frightening, but after the storm
there's always a bright light to
console me.
The sky becomes dark, menacing,
my eyes tell me that a bright
star shower will follow and I will
feel the purity of the earth cleansed
right after the storm.

Untill you say YES

Like two lovers we are alone
we feel the world is all ours,
you keep your distance from me,
I keep my distances from you.
Slowly, so slowly our eyes are
searching themselves not being
used to this feeling of strangeness
that we are trying to show the world.
Oh how I miss your dancing eyes
reflecting mine in them. I head and
my heart aches at this distance we
seem to have fallen.  Far away
little dancing stars keep coming and
going from the horizon to our feet and
still we pretend to be an ocean apart.
O my love and only love what can I
say to reach you and make you mine
again.  My arms ache at not encircling
you, my hands a frozen from not caressing
you, my hole body is revolting and me
poor keeper of this body have to refrain
because YOU are still thinking of me as
a stranger in your life.  Dearest love of
mine just put me out of my misery and say
that you will be mine so that I can shout it
to the sun, the dancing stars on the water,
to the birds so they can join us in our
happiness.  Untill you say YES, I will not
be me and I will be just the shell of a
human man.....

Saturday, July 30, 2016

The angel's path

Like a child I'm following a bright light
way tucked in the city for him to follow,
no luggage is necessary to follow the
bright light.  Oh if only one could just
up and go, but like always there's no
fixed time so we shall follow the path
only when our time comes.
Don't feel bad if halfway you or someone
else decides for you to turn back at the
beginning of the path since there is no
space for you to follow yet.
I do want to become an angel but only
when the time is right and not one second

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fur and Feathers

From an old story told me as a child,
only today I can relate it with this
photo collage that I have done in these
few days....

Up in the mountains the fur was the enemy
and the feathers were soldiers fighting the
enemy.  Hope you can make out the fur and
the feathers.

Child's mind....

Note: Sorry for not finishing this story, but the
boy who was extremely sick just left our earth
and joined the angels in another world, where
no pains exists, no tears flow down tiny faces,
no need to be poked and probed by humans
who would give their own life if it would save
one of these angels stay a while longer among
their loved ones.
Our two little ones, deep down, sensed that the
grown-ups were lying to them about their
friend being gone during the night when no one
was around to play with him.  When you see
and empty bed just a little bigger than a crib,
being scrubbed and the hole room sanitized
you just know that it's not normal.  But nature
knows how to ease the pain and sweeten the
feelings of sadness for which children are
capable of.
Grown ups to loose a child it's almost the end
of the world, you ask yourself: "Why him, just
why him who had not started a life yet.  Why
not take me instead that I have lived and maybe
do not wish to live anymore for fear of getting
old, sick, foolish or even non descriptive among
the living in today's world.

So this story ends here, and maybe one day
I would want to talk to these two children left
and hopefully will alive to tell me what they
really felt deep down when they saw the empty
bed next morning....

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Child mind...

Now let's see where I stopped with our two little friends.

First of all they had to pull their underwear up otherwise
the nurse will scold them and separate them.
To celebrate this accomplishment they did a "high 5",
just like their orderly did with them.
Now Mil who is a little more mischievous tells his twin,
"we have to made a flower to give to the very sick child
can you think how Mommy used to make one for us
when we were very small?
O I remember said Mel we go in the bathroom and find
20 rolls of paper and then we can made 20 flowers.
Mil said: how we're going to hide all that paper and
how we going to color it, all white flowers is not very nice.
Mel says OK just let me think while a nurse was looking
at them and wandering what they were up to...
The dragon nurse approached the little guys and said
It's time to check you both and then I will give you some
candies and will bring you for your inside tummies pictures.
Mel had to give Mil one of his kidney and both children had
to be in perfect shape before the big day (3 days later).
In unison said "OK".
now they knew where to get the paint for the flowers, from
dragon nurse's desk where a can of coloring was kept to
spray on parts of small children to get them used to the
light and shapes of ultrasound tests.
They started to giggle and holding their underwear trotted
to their room.
Like all children around the world they have an extra fine
hearing and could hear the little guy two rooms  down
moaning from pain.  The look at each other and on tippy
toes go and investigate.   The friend had a very bad day in
the pain department he was red from high feaver and
shaking, slowly, so slowly they approached and wispeared
"Can we give you a hug and maybe you will feel better?
the other child could not even acknowledge and just turned
toward the window, where a sparrow was looking inside
and kept turning it's head". A nurse came running and hushed
the twins away telling them they could not stay there, that
their friend needed peace and quiet and could not play with
them,  With sad eyes, their joyfulness evaporated in a fraction
they turned & went back to their rooms, climbed into their
low crib and put their thumbs in their mouth and in their
way I guess must have felt that their friend  would not be
there for much longer.....

To be continued....                                

shhhhhh. just listen