Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Child mind...

Now let's see where I stopped with our two little friends.

First of all they had to pull their underwear up otherwise
the nurse will scold them and separate them.
To celebrate this accomplishment they did a "high 5",
just like their orderly did with them.
Now Mil who is a little more mischievous tells his twin,
"we have to made a flower to give to the very sick child
can you think how Mommy used to make one for us
when we were very small?
O I remember said Mel we go in the bathroom and find
20 rolls of paper and then we can made 20 flowers.
Mil said: how we're going to hide all that paper and
how we going to color it, all white flowers is not very nice.
Mel says OK just let me think while a nurse was looking
at them and wandering what they were up to...
The dragon nurse approached the little guys and said
It's time to check you both and then I will give you some
candies and will bring you for your inside tummies pictures.
Mel had to give Mil one of his kidney and both children had
to be in perfect shape before the big day (3 days later).
In unison said "OK".
now they knew where to get the paint for the flowers, from
dragon nurse's desk where a can of coloring was kept to
spray on parts of small children to get them used to the
light and shapes of ultrasound tests.
They started to giggle and holding their underwear trotted
to their room.
Like all children around the world they have an extra fine
hearing and could hear the little guy two rooms  down
moaning from pain.  The look at each other and on tippy
toes go and investigate.   The friend had a very bad day in
the pain department he was red from high feaver and
shaking, slowly, so slowly they approached and wispeared
"Can we give you a hug and maybe you will feel better?
the other child could not even acknowledge and just turned
toward the window, where a sparrow was looking inside
and kept turning it's head". A nurse came running and hushed
the twins away telling them they could not stay there, that
their friend needed peace and quiet and could not play with
them,  With sad eyes, their joyfulness evaporated in a fraction
they turned & went back to their rooms, climbed into their
low crib and put their thumbs in their mouth and in their
way I guess must have felft that their friend  would not be
there for much longer.....

To be continued....                                

Friday, July 8, 2016

Child's mind

What does a child sees in a mural not
painted by adults but by other children
who are worst off than they are?
Two small twin children, just came out
from a very sick little boy, they both had
a lost look on their faces, but no tears
streaming down from sky blue eyes
until they advanced 10 baby feet out of
the room.  Both looked at each other and
just looked as if they had seen a ghost.
Mil said to Mel "Why do you think
Red is white like my underwear and
his head looks like a colored watermelon".
A child thinking is not to be ignored but
rather understood, he knows that something
is wrong even if he can't give it a name.
Our two little fellows turned their attention
to a chalkboard and just started to draw,
nothing fancy, just lines, circles, dots and
so on. Until both stopped & looked at their
work.  They were amazed and mystified by
it.  Not by the quality or quantity, not for
artistic value or greatness but because it
was the expression of their feelings that they
couldn't convey to the adults. When you see
two toddlers looking from their achievement
to the room where the other child was confined
to his bed, they kept staring in the space and
their work, you can see the wheels turn, turn
and turn, what are they up to now...

Story to be continued.....

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Caring one another...

For all the men and women
who fight with their lives to protect me,
my parents,my children,
my home,my ways of life
and yours.
Soldiers who have blood running in
their veins do not hesitate to risk it for ME.
I admire your courage and expertise,
until you reach the enemy visible or
invisible full of dangerous situations,
you don't think of your own safety,
but rather the safety of your countrymen,
faced with danger or events on your path,
you will not turn your back on it.
I can't  even know or imagine what goes
through your mind, but I'm sure that fear and
safety is always on it.
Like this image (I don't know the
author of it) you look after your own and
the animals that might accompany you
on your missions and when it's time to
take a rest your first concern is making
sure that everyone is well covered from
all dangers  (in this case "the dog") and
your brother of arms.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Be silly

Create your own portfolio.
Bright, focused, out-of-focus,
black and white, monochrome,
or just a silly idea you get
like this one that I call my
"VOLCANO".  a real volcano
is usually orange,red,yellows
and lava is very fluid.
My volcano is dull, full of smoke
and very smooth slopes.
A little like I would feel in front
of a volcanic situation that I could
not stop.
So with my PC, my crazy ideas
I relinquish my ideas and hope
to help anyone who reads me
that it's up to you to move and not
wait for someone else to do it
for you.....
I told you guys that my Volcano was
very special!

Don't cry

When the world is full of nonsense and
you just can seem to follow, then
what can you do.
Scream and complain, I really don't
believe the results will be satisfactory.
Grab a book, put on good walking
shoes or just drive to your favorite
spot and stop, look and breath as
calmly as possible.  If you have a
camera, it does not need to be a fancy
expensive one.  Plain point-and-shoot
and off you start approaching either
nature, objects, people and keep on
taking photos.  Do not be afraid of the
quality or the quantity, if there are too
many then for sure you will delete those
that did not turn out exactly master pieces.
You will calm down, pass the time and
even be more famous that the famous
people who profess being genius.
Not all will follow this silly advice but
that's what I do when I feel that life
is slowly passing by me and I can't
control it.  This time of the year caution
is necessary, always be prepared for
heat, don't over do it, but don't lock
yourself in between 4 walls and cry on
your destiny.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Babbling is not only for babies,
If I could express my own ideas,
without having to ask for help
I would certainly do it.
Life as thrown me a curve that
I can't pass over. I have a tongue
of steal, eyes of a hawks,
ears of an elephant, feet more
agile than a gazelle, fingers that
can talk faster than my eyes can
see, but I still miss what all the
normal people have and that is
a particle of patience.
Patience the mother of all virtues
instilled in all of us but few
humans can master when you are
born with a split personaly..... 

Be positive you're alive

Nothing is more perfect for a dose of
medication than you own POSITIVITY -
Positivity =  life.



Have a great day and thank you for visiting
my blog TODAY.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Past and future of humans

What do you see?
Maybe the past when the moon
was our friend and guiding light.
The sky with it's galaxies in a myriad of colors,
or the human flower that is split in two
I on the other side, see a sad way of living,
people bickering, killings and there's no one
who knows how to stop this madness that is
instilled in your present day life.
Don't look at me for too long because I don't
like your face so puffff you go.
Don't try to instill good manners in children,
they will report you to the authorities.
If I don't take care of a child, feed him, let
him grow a man, I am slapped on the hand
and asked to change my ways.
But then I'm imprisoned if I don't take care
of an animal and they slam me 10 years of
prison, but for a child I'm allowed to plead
momentary mental insanity, one or two years
and I'm free again...
That's the past and the future of humans
who are destroying themselves and don't even
realize it...........

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Rainbow flag carriers...

I forgive you for not understanding what mother
nature gave me and my friends, neighbors or
all the others that I don't know.
I have not chosen to be different from the rest
of humans, but the creator decided that I was
going to be different and as such I respect what
was decided for me at my conception in this life.
Do not blame those who gave me life, but
be happy that they accept me as I am.  I respect
all who they are and don't argument, don't disrespect
them or harm them in any way during my life time.
I'm sorry for the sorrow of those who loved me
unconditionally and were by my side when I needed
support. So now that my life was truncated, from
way above I will try to console you in your sleep,
wispear in your dreams and dry your tears, because
now I'm in a world that does not differentiate who,
what, when, why I am what I am.
Bless all of you left behind in your world now, just
remember that I had blood flowing through my
veins just like you ...
R.I.P who carried the torch and the rainbow flag

shhhhhh. just listen