Saturday, October 22, 2016

Never lift a hand

A woman is sacred, but then also is
a man,child or old people.
We child,woman,man,old people are
all equals on this earth.
One should never (no matter the occasion
lift a hand to harm someone else.
He (male or female) is not worth the
air that he breaths if a hand goes up
to harm. Excuses are easy to fabricate or
come, when a temper is lost, or a memory
rage, or just the trill that some find in harming
their human or animal fellow.
I can excuse everything except those who
believe they have certain rights to harm
without being punished, believe if it's not
the human justice it will be another justice
but you always have to one way or the other


Rain, rain are you here to stay.
It's been a long time that we have
not felt your presence.
A presence that can be felt in
older body bones.
Why do you say, well it seems
I have miscounted the quantity
of bones I have in my body that
do not rebel at your arrival and
It feels like I'm carrying such a
heavy weight on my shoulders
that I do not wish to go out and
play in the puddles likes I used to
enjoy.  Even the birds must have
the same feelings since for the
last two days I have not seen one
chirping or searching for food.
OK rain now is the time for you
to go away and let the sun dry up
my land and put smiles on babies or
old faces back for a while.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Floating away

It's sad to see one's life floating away in the nothing....
unless it's wanted, no matter who or what precautions
are taken, it's the history of one's life.
So do good in life and forget it,
do bad and remember it.

Have a great sunday on this chilly autumn day.

Friday, October 7, 2016


Alone you left me
on a hot beach,
my feet kept playing
with baby waves
rushing along to catch me.
The sea was shimmering
the silvery stars dancing
to the tunes of the waves
but my heart was heavy
and lonely.  Why leave me
alone in this strange world
when you knew that I can't
live without you by my side!
No stubborn as you are,
you did it your way, running
not with me but with my
dark shadow.  I don't know
this shadow that keeps me
company who is cold,indifferent
to my sorrow, please come back
and we will dance together
until we drop dead of happiness
on this beach for that moment
and all what the future is
planning for you and me....

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Weekend ...

The week is long
with ups and downs
rushing to work
taking care of me,
you or ours.
We don't stop
we don't breed
we just run
run, run and more run
in a city of orange cones,
full of smug, but we
have to live and to live
we need to run,
if you ask people where they
run.... probably they don't know.
So STOP, breed and look around,
enjoy life because it is a very
short two days weekend!

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Had life given me wings
and not a ice bubble,
I would have floated way up high
in the sky where colors are so fine
it's a fairy tale adventure
through and through.
Little stars would light the way for
me to be floating forever and a day!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A little french writing

"Comme la pluie qui secoule et reviens ,
les souvenirs font mille voyages,
parfois mélancoliques autre fois joyeux,
mais se sont toujours les souvenirs
que l'on a bâtis avec le passage du temps
et en nous ils restent....."

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Booms and a bangs

I was there, all alone, playing my violin on
a warm end of summer night.
All was quiet, no wind to disturb or bright
stars to peak on me with just my violin's
notes floating around my heart was dancing
of joy.
The world was still,
one could hear the cicada
singing to the mood of my fingers on
strings all in unison softly at times or
raging at other times.
Then out of the blues all shattered
with booms and bangs, the sky became
busy with lights, colors and strange sounds.
I walked over to see the commotion,
it was a boom and bangs for children of the
area who screamed oooohhhsss and aaaahhhhss.
I took my violin and imitated the sounds
to no avail ... this time around the boom and the
bangs won over my soft melodies, but music
it still was..... only their music was a bit louder
than mine !!!!!!! 

shhhhhh. just listen