Saturday, July 14, 2018

Running clouds

Let the wind softly sway
the grass at the foot of
the majestic mountains
shadowed by the running
The whistling wind is no
stranger to these parts.
A lizard will adventure
and breed a second of
respite reassuring himself
that no birds are around
the sturdy mountain flower
laughs off is thirst knowing
that is time is up, the sun
is the stronger giant in
the dry plains at the
foothills of the mountain...

Friday, July 13, 2018

Like a fool

Like a fool, I run with no objective.
My taughts are only for you,
then I stumble, fall and to no avail
try to retrace that road that has
Still keeping my run,
again my taughts are following you.
To no avail that light brightening your
eyes were only for me, now no more.
Sitting on the edge of this great sea
my taughts are still  trying to
make sense of why that smile has gone with
the waves out of my life and my heart.
Where did I go wrong? what did I say,
that my taughts still can't figure out,
probably will never leave me, since
these are the last guardian of you
my lost angel... There is no star
bright or shining like you, but they
come back to tease me nightly, but
they forget that it's not you.
Goodnight my love, I will preserve
these taughts of you until you decide
to come back to me...

Saturday, July 7, 2018


"On a silent night,
shinning stars and sister moon,
say goodnight  to men who came to
them following their reflections on the sea
Reaching new adventurous destinations,
knowing to be brought back to the same sea
on any of their curious trips,
moon and stars ignoring that 
certain means can go faster than 
they did for millenniums, a race
that for sure we all know who's the winner..."

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy 4th of july

To all my friends south of the border from
East to west coast
have a super duper 4TH OF JULY

Tuesday, July 3, 2018


It's not normal for us Canadians to
be melting all at once.
Most selfish people close their doors
to the vulnerable, sick or babies.
PLEASE if you have or see anyone
in need of fresh air do not hesitate
to give them a little cold water, even
a gentle spray with a hose at the
hands and feet will help. 
Don't let or be foolish because
you are in a cool house,room or under
a tree.  Heat does not pardon stupidity
of humans against their fellow humans.

Take care Canada it won't last much

Friday, June 29, 2018

Fear of the silence

Silence please,
silence during these few moments.
A sound arriving from a faraway
distance finally reaches me.
Do I stop or continue my run,
will my feet finally stop and let
me concentrate, long enough to
make out the sound that just reached
All my senses are in high alert,
almost to a deadly fear.
But no one is around, no wind
to play tricks, birds are hidden in
their tree branches not sure what to
expect, the older feathered friends
shielding their little ones to keep them
quiet at least until the danger feeling
passes by.
I feel a hiss or is it a warm breath
tickling my neck, or just my imagination
working overtime.  My blood seems
to boil and wants to let out steam but
my pores are closed-up.
Tingles run up and down my body
like a race track with no stopping end.
I turn around and around, I look up the
tree tops and down the flowing river,
a leaf is dancing around when no wind
is rustling between trees and my fear  is
rising by the seconds.
Clic cloc clic cloc when out of nowhere
appeared a deer, he looked straight into
my eyes and I into is eyes, both respecting
our territories & in unison we both turned
and continued our own ways.
All the fear fleeing my body and for sure
the deer body as well....

Monday, June 25, 2018

Sundown departure

"If you keep looking at my departure,
please do not despair,
I will be back and join you
in twenty four time,
will you still enjoy the show
that I put on for you,
wherever you may be.
Let my rays reach your heart,
warm your tired bones and inspire
your eyes to my beauties of this