Thursday, June 23, 2016


Babbling is not only for babies,
If I could express my own ideas,
without having to ask for help
I would certainly do it.
Life as thrown me a curve that
I can't pass over. I have a tongue
of steal, eyes of a hawks,
ears of an elephant, feet more
agile than a gazelle, fingers that
can talk faster than my eyes can
see, but I still miss what all the
normal people have and that is
a particle of patience.
Patience the mother of all virtues
instilled in all of us but few
humans can master when you are
born with a split personaly..... 

Be positive you're alive

Nothing is more perfect for a dose of
medication than you own POSITIVITY -
Positivity =  life.



Have a great day and thank you for visiting
my blog TODAY.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Past and future of humans

What do you see?
Maybe the past when the moon
was our friend and guiding light.
The sky with it's galaxies in a myriad of colors,
or the human flower that is split in two
I on the other side, see a sad way of living,
people bickering, killings and there's no one
who knows how to stop this madness that is
instilled in your present day life.
Don't look at me for too long because I don't
like your face so puffff you go.
Don't try to instill good manners in children,
they will report you to the authorities.
If I don't take care of a child, feed him, let
him grow a man, I am slapped on the hand
and asked to change my ways.
But then I'm imprisoned if I don't take care
of an animal and they slam me 10 years of
prison, but for a child I'm allowed to plead
momentary mental insanity, one or two years
and I'm free again...
That's the past and the future of humans
who are destroying themselves and don't even
realize it...........

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Rainbow flag carriers...

I forgive you for not understanding what mother
nature gave me and my friends, neighbors or
all the others that I don't know.
I have not chosen to be different from the rest
of humans, but the creator decided that I was
going to be different and as such I respect what
was decided for me at my conception in this life.
Do not blame those who gave me life, but
be happy that they accept me as I am.  I respect
all who they are and don't argument, don't disrespect
them or harm them in any way during my life time.
I'm sorry for the sorrow of those who loved me
unconditionally and were by my side when I needed
support. So now that my life was truncated, from
way above I will try to console you in your sleep,
wispear in your dreams and dry your tears, because
now I'm in a world that does not differentiate who,
what, when, why I am what I am.
Bless all of you left behind in your world now, just
remember that I had blood flowing through my
veins just like you ...
R.I.P who carried the torch and the rainbow flag

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Write ....

One does not need to read some one's else
writing to try to match it or surpass it. 
But wait a minute, if I don't write my own
feelings or believes, who then will pass the
torch to the next generation of readers.
A book or in this case a blog is an essential
place to express oneself & respect the reader
opinions or comments.
That is the most difficult work one will do for
the generations to come. My views will become
antiquated in a few years and it's fine with me.
I won't be around to see the next generations
and their ways of thinking, writing and passing
on to their next generations.  But so is life and
WE have no choice than accept it.
There will always be a few lights shinning in one's
mind but not always all of them will light at the same

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Just because....

What is torn you don't mend...
Who says we have photo rules?
Fear not of the night, but of the malicious wolf...
Adventurous like all angels & you will find interesting  places and humans.

And with these images I will give you the good day, pleasent evening or a restfull sleep.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Do I dare....

Do I dare to look around me,
don't defy me and I will not dare you.
I am a poor soul in search of better
days ahead for I fear the rest of my
life.  I'm a rebel by nature and very
obstinate, like all females.  I can be
extremely tender towards a fallen
child, but I will loose patience with one
who will not listen.  I love nature
but I don't feel comfortable if nature
try to invade my life.  I love pets from
far away, so when I see a loose pet
I pray that they stay away from me,
but to no avail, they sense my
lack of love for them and as such they
give me a hard time.  I love to walk
bare foot, but I can't stand the hot
asphalt of the city.  I tend to look up
and as such find myself in precarious
situations, a hole, end of a sidewalk,
a shrub and so I can easily find
myself on the ground, but I can laugh
at the situation and myself.
So if you are like me, accept yourself
as you are and be happy...........

Saturday, May 28, 2016

She devil

Even she devil needs help,
help to get away from everyday
It fantastic to see that not everyone
has an easy life.
Hopefully the difference between me
and the she devil is that I can turn on
my a/c but not her.
I can slam the door and just leave on
the spur of the moment not giving a
darn of the ones left behind, but after
a while guilt assails me and return
back from where I ran away.
A she devil has to listen to the master
giving his orders, cajoling poor
innocent females to follow her and not
look back.  Consequences are not
allowed to ponder in the mind but
just do it and the hell with hurt, crying,
sobbing, laughing at oneself.
Oh I wish this poor  she devil could
find an escaping route, solutions to
remedy herself  if only she knew the
bad that she inflicts on poor  souls
like you and me....                                            

shhhhhh. just listen