Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Like this painting
believing all is gold,
shining, great value
and more to finally
realizing that so is not.
I blindly believed in the
good faith of friends &
lovers, I kept hold on the
animal friendship but
disappointment was name
of the game.
Today I believe in me and
only me, so if I fall, I have
only myself to blame....
that is HONESTY.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Frozen ...

I knew you as a warm man,
we loved, slept, sang, believed
in each other for an eternity.
Happiness was the order of our days,
our focus was on live and let live,
and boy did we live.
What happened is a mystery,
a distance,  hiding,  coldness
set in you with no motive.
Motives must have been,
you turned into an iceman
refusing my warmth, my joy,
my life, your just runaway so
far in your world of ice
denying my following in
your steps.
WHAT is of us today....
you just let me down to the
tune of the no return!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

One more left

Today I cry remembering
all my good fortunes.
Life is priceless but young
men and women gave it up
for me and you.  Not many
are still around from escaping
hell a long time ago.
I was sad for this year I have
said goodbye to one of these
man who for five years no one
had news of.
He never talked about those
years, he never shed a tear on
the 11th of November, how I
would have taken all the pain
he so well hid.  Now you have
left us a void and no stories,
only memories of a laughing
little man.  I know that you will
make everyone laugh wherever
you are, please share a song and
a laugh with all the loved ones
that have left me behind.  I know
the path was hard, but now that
I have reached the start of the
path, I know that you were my
example to follow in your foot
steps.  Dear one so "HI" to all
those that I know for me. 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Stumbles are part of one's life.
Manage it carefully
& survival will last.
Mirrors are made for humans
to see one's life
do not fog it, cleanliness
is a must to march forward
in life.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Path of life

Let time pass by me
I will follow slowly
on the path of life
and no one will stop me.
Bolder or stones
can't alter my walk
neither the sun nor the moon
dare to contradict me.
The stars are my friends
and one is shinning just for
me, so friends let's follow
our shinning star... 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Quiet time....

"Is it possible for the sun
to be quiet for you or for me.
I'm on the right side
your are on the left side
of the globe.
And still a difference is
visible to the naked eye.
We each enjoy quietness
but on different time on our
I see the world as a lover
sees life.
You see the world as a lost
lover in your life.
Maybe some day we shall
meet again and be lovers
until the end of times....."

NB: Please help me find words
to express between two lovers
separated by an ocean.  Ideas will
be greatly accepted and helpfull in
your comment.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Why we had a glorious unusual
month of September.
The sun was generous so much so
that we went swimming
in lakes that are usually frozen.
My heart was frozen while
my body was burning.
The eyes that kept looking at me
did not reach my heart. 
Why those deep blue eyes
do not look at me anymore.
What have I done to  deserve
those looks that defy daggers
in piercing my fragile heart.
No answers reach my ears,
so I will presume that you found
another heart to love and
keep alive with a burning fire.
Do not worry I will not stop your
hasty run from me, but I will not
wish you well either, since I
can't find the proper words to
tell you goodbye.....