Monday, February 19, 2018

New Dawn

"Let the new dawn
emerge from it's  sleep,
spread light to those
who proclaim being 
blind to beauty, humans
along with nature.
Do not let darkness win,
life only gives you many
chances over a period of time
protect yourself, old people
but your children are your flesh
and blood....."

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tomorrow the 14

Should I or should I not,
tomorrow is the 14th day
of the second month of the
It's a day that lovers celebrate
or is it just a commercial day.
Today going shopping mostly
mid-aged people were buying
stupid things to give to whoever
they had in mind for tomorrow.
I'm not against it, please do not
get me wrong. But my question is
what happens to the rest of the year?
Will the giver forget his sweetness
for the coming days and return
to his crappy self. 
Let's be honest, I'll have a long face
if I do not get recognition of love
for the 14th, but again if the rest of
the year he/she will treat me badly
if you believe that I will forget the
rest of the year.
A smile, a hug, a thank you, is
sufficient along a helping hand
and I will be happy for the all times.

Friday, February 9, 2018

February colors

Who affirmed that February is a shabby month.
Instead look at it this way.
February posses two face.
The white face during the day
and a tormented face at sundown.
Early mornings are two colors,
gray and black and cold.
All day long one can only wish to
Then slowly so slowly clouds break out,
the wind pick up & along comes the
freezing wind to cool our bones.
Then suddenly it's sundown,
mother nature has a show to perform
and I'm ready to give an applause at the
end of the spectacle.
Just like a painter facing it's canvas
his hands and fingers find the way to
marvel the passerby eyes that will
stop, turn and speechless will stand
there and soak in the beauty that
comes and very slowly just dies down.
I'm left content and keep on walking
until maybe tomorrow appointment
with another painting for me to assess
and signed "mother nature".

Monday, February 5, 2018

The slow trot

My slow trot over the frozen field,
the air is crisp,
each steps is a cry of joy,
chatter and bell ringing
just a touch of sunlight for my
shadow to follow me,
I will trot silently until the sun
decides it's time to lay down to
sleep, I will keep on walking
on this land of mine,
trotting away for all to see me.
I need only love and goodwill
and a ball of hay to munch on
and rest until the sun rises
asking me to rise and go out
with him on the frozen field....

NB: there's not many left of these
carriages for the new generation to
experience, horses are like people
love them, care for them & they
will enjoy their lives too.                 

Saturday, February 3, 2018


Tonight is special
I'm alone with myself
I played hard all day
not stopping, always on the go
running after the world
realizing that I can't stop it
no matter how I try.
Tonight I decided to
let the world go by.
I just closed my eyes
letting the void take over
my body.
I can hear a pin drop
my heart beat' is worse
than a tam tam
but it's not of me to stop it.
I look around
realizing that years went by
and won't stop until I
decide to stop them.
Coward I'm not,
so I will keep on living
until the end of time.
I am proud of myself
tonight of all nights.
So let's sing and dance
even if only by myself....

Friday, February 2, 2018

Dream for me too...

Dear reader tonight roaming through some old
songs of my beloved Naples, Italy I came across
an old song "O surdato Nnammurato".
A young man went to war and sings about
his love..

So what other words could he
(or all those who go to war today)
have written about.

"I dream of keeping my dream
alive or until it will last
or to our last breath..
At the twilight time,
I dream of holding your warm hands
and caressing the palms of those
fragile hands that caressed me in the past.
Please keep that spark  glowing in your eyes
that was only mine to enjoy,
your looks drove me crazy,
so I look at this twilight and dream
of afterglows that we will share
upon my return.
I pray that my body will remain just
as you remember it, I can't promise
you much more, here we never know
if we will see another twilight or that
we can walk towards it.
So dear one, keep dreaming for me too,
and keep your arms and heart warm and
open for me upon my return..." .

NB:That's why I choose this photo of the
moon and the golf of Naples, taken in 2015
in the darkness of the night. 

Monday, January 29, 2018

What is better ...

Let's shake hands
once it was acceptable
today handshake
is as foreign as a smile
what have we done
is it we have created
germs or they were there
way before us.
Who cared if a child had
eaten sand, or shared his
meal with the family dog,
hands were made to be used
and just wiped as best as
it could be done.  People
were healthy and happy,
a handshake was a universally
agreement between humans.
Today do not touch me your
full of germs.  Why would
I shake your hands, you will
brake mine with your strength
or is it...
People have lost their common
sense and they claim they are
smart and well behaved.
Oh please let's go back to the
time of brotherhood and not
wanting to see the other dead because
he does not agree with me, you or them...