Saturday, March 30, 2013

Light within

Like this blooming flower open itself to the light,
let US all open our eyes, our mind and spirit
to the light that shines in each and everyone of us...

Thank you to all who come & go in this blog
I really appreciate it.

Monday, March 25, 2013

An olive branch for you or your talisman...

You that I don't know
Let me offer you this
small gift from my
heart to yours.
Yes it's an olive branch
that given with love is
worth all that I can't 
materially offer or give you.
So accept it and keep it
near you, hopefully it
will become your talisman
until next year when I hope to
give you another one.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


"Do not fear natural shadows,
listen to the sound of the wind,
let the crackling of the snow under your feet
accompany you in your freedom walk.
Allow the rays of the sundown follow you
until you lay down in the warmth of your
home and just let it sink in
until next time........... "

Yesterday and today - winter and spring

yesterday was winter,
a fierce and blasting winter,
All was white and miserable,
yes yesterday was winter.
Yesterday was just a figment of my
immagination or maybe not.
Yesterday is just the opposite of 
today that seems and smells of 
Birds are chirping and confused
with this white blanket compared
to colorful flowers that should be 
standing hi. 
Yesterday they hid from winter,
today they are jumping from a
branch to the other 
delighting passersby and feather
Yesterday is gone and today is 
a new adventure for all.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Liberty a feeling we come with in this world,
feeling liberated like a new born.
Little do we know that "LIBERTY"
has a very high price.
Liberty is not for everyone,
but mostly for those mostly fortunate.
Take 5 minutes of your life
and play at being FREE,
then you are considered either
crazy or a dreamer.
Which one are you?

Friday, March 8, 2013

8th of march

8th of March...
Universally remembered day of the
I have nothing special to show or written,

I remembered this gorgeous lilac wild flower
in summer time bording the shores of lakes and rivers
or just abandoned fields.
"Like this flower,
a woman is there
for a reason,
enjoy with her life,
admire in good and bad times,
and let life do the rest...".
A Hug to all women on the planet.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A child's pain

Why do man permits PAIN.
It is heart shattering to go
in a ward at any children's
hospital around the world...
These poor angels have done
nothing to merit such a cross.
You see faces filled of tears,
limbs that are not fit even
in your wildest dreams.
Bald children, silent children,
chatty children, those who
have given up and those
who don't know what's their
Children put a smile when
you feel like jumping out a
window or robbing their pain.
A child is not made for
atrocities of the side effects
of their medication.
A child will take your tears and
keep it with him, so he does not
see them falling on is own
gentle face the moment he grabs
the wings of an angel bigger then
him in another world. 
A child should be a celebration
of life ....