Monday, February 29, 2016

The photographer secrets

"Me photographer, looking, searching, investigating
for the moment that will stop me short and the wind will
be cut short in my chest.  I'm eager to snap it,
without all the why, where and what is standing at the
end of my lens, I just know that capturing the instant
that master of master is gifting me , asking I share it
with the world.  My camera is just an instrument,
my eyes are the brushes strokes to with mortals,
my fingers steady as rocks & will not make me miss
the beauty that lays at my feet.
Photographers, masters or novice, you all have the
best of 3 lives, the past, the present and your legacy for
the future all saved in our cameras....".

Sunday, February 28, 2016

What a night......

Good morning world!
What a night I had looking from inside to the outside world.
Me with fluffy warm slippers on trying to imagine what the
man was going outside in the pitch dark night with an
hauling wind, the sting of microscopic pellets biting at
his face, where only a trail of breath could be seen when
the snow let you in.
Poor excuses to go walking when you knew that city crew
never came out to clear that blanket of white snow, but
you poor soul had to bring your little friend go and do
his things.  I turned off the light, had a drink of water
and oped in bed, turning and tossing with in mind that white
shadow and his dog still around outside.
So I got up and went back to see a mass on a sidewalk
not moving and the puppy faint bark, without thinking
ran out and sliding a few times finally reached the mass,
called out, the person kept asking about the puppy and cringing in
pain indicated his foot, back in inside called ambulance
and kept puppy with me saying to the man, don't worry I'll keep
him until tomorrow.  Settled the puppy down, I went back to bed
and early this morning received call our nightly friend was OK only minor
A good deed and a little furry, yappy friend running around is way to much
excitement for me .... all this is due to a night of snow,wind and my curiosity.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The story of the ROSE.

A rose only protection against the world
and nature itself  is the thorns.
For centuries it served many purposes.
The chevalier would present it to his "Lady".
The king would immerse it in gold and
give it to his queen.
The viking would grow it on the rugged terrain
in the faraway north land.
The poet would write it's fragrance and
The musician would contemplate it and compose
notes of yellow hope, dark crimson red for
the love hidden in him. The painter would
create a creamy white to reflect it's sentiments
for the model in front of him to be admired
centuries later.
A miserable or a samurai would kiss it and
give it to the belle of the house.
The wounded soldier dries his tears with
the rose and closes it in his memoirs hoping
that one day his children or grand children
will find the book and contemplate his
sacrifice for the love of his 'ROSE'.
That's the story of a flower named 'ROSE' and
her countless thorns."

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Everything dies.

Like a spider enticing you into my web
of  beauty,
I will keep you company on dark days
pulling on your heart strings
to take good care of me.  My being there
will be your sun the sun shinning on these days,
until we part when the real sun comes out.
I will stay in my corner hoping to see
your eyes and feel the tip of your gentle
fingers caress me until I die.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Little waves

"There's a sky above waiting
for me to run and play
in the clear sea waves.
My feet hardly stay still
for fear of missing a wave
before they are called
away by lady moon laughing
at me.
It's ok, I'll just sit and cover
myself of sand, wait until
the sea sends me back the
chanting waves to wash my
body and I will pray for
the next wave to come to me
day and night without missing
one appointment until I die...".

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ocean shoreline

"Walk slowly on the silent sand
shadowed by the rugged cliffs
nearby,let the rising sun break
the early morning fog
so your feet won't disturb
the ocean design
sculpted during the night.
Boulders gently break the frolic
waves passing around it in furry
and you, human animal,
will respect it's natural beauty
by counting the years passed
etched in the rocks until
they go back to their breathing
ground, the ocean crib of eternal life......".

Monday, February 15, 2016

Definition of love

" Il vero amore non è nè fisico,
nè romantico.
Il vero amore è l'accettazione
di tutto ciò che è,
che è stato,
 che sarà...
o che non sarà"

It goes like this:
"True love is not a physical one,
neither romantic,
true love is accepting  what
it is in reality
or has been,
or will be,
or what will never be..."

It came and passed on...

I did not make time
to shop for something
special on this day.
So I saw these little yellow
almost dead flowers,
fixed them up a little
& gave them to you with no
bells or whistle but with only a
cup of coffee and a muffin.
I know that you will understand
if they are not fiery red (passion)
but yellow is for you to hope
that another year is for us to
share and grow old together.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Cupidon is on the way...........

February the month of lovers around the
world as we know it.
Maybe just maybe there might be another
world that we have not reached or
discovered yet.  Hopefully they are aware
of "Lovers Day". Since it's too cold to
go around snooping town to find something
that would make lovers go gaga, I decided
to do my own creation (even if just to pass
the time) while I wait to see what's in store
for me this Feb.14....
I will keep you posted!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Let me call you

Let me call you
open the door and listen to me
stop playing around for I
fear my heart will breakdown.
Let me call you
one more time for old time sake,
I know that I have wronged you
in all ways, but just this last time,
Let me call you
for I fear my mind in going to blow
not knowing how you see me in your
Let me call you
I swear I won't ask much of you
I just need a reassuring word that
deep  in your heart there is
a place for me to come to one
day when you open your locked
door for me not to trespass.
Let me call you
even dough I know that I do not
deserve you, but you are my
soul, my heart and my eyes,
you could melt all my bones and
still I would come to you if only
you would answer my call.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Trick of minds

"We are just ghosts
the world uses to scare
little people. We are aimlessly
passing the time just like
thunders and bright flashes
in the dark sky.
Forgotten place under a
huge bed leaving behind
my fantasies of a transparent
figure left behind by time
in old boarded up doorways
of a cabin or a castle with
stained creepy doors by
decay and neglect.
Restlessly I lay looming
In the deepening gray of the
night and eventually disappearing
beneath the undergrowth memories
on my ghosts fantasies until
next time around...."-

What is real

What do we call  real!
One will never know,
passing through a cloud
of sun and snow,
no one will know how I feel.
I battle my demons,
I curse at the wind,
I block my ears to the cry
of the world that is
disturbing my peace.
How I would give a day of my
life to show the world that I too
am around.  Unfortunately no
one knows my cries except for
the poor soul that runs around
not finding peace to stop him
and settle down in life.....

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Masked feelings

"If you believe in me,
do not let my looks  shock you.
Let's get nutty for one night
where no rules prevails
knowing full well that tomorrow
we'll return to a boring  normal life.
Like grown children running we will 
from one corner to another
in a city claiming full life for once
a year and let the music and chanting
under a starry sky be our witness for
what once was permitted in the name
of fun, art and a good life for the rich
and the poor since we were all hiding
behind a carnival mask. ..."

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Promisse to the ocean

"I refused to turn by back,
on the road to the ocean,
where strong calls can
be heard loud and clear
on the promises of return
neon's ago.
The shore is hard on my feet,
washed by the gentle waves
running to kiss the sand, rocks or shrubs.
I look about and take in the beauty
of the mass of ocean that
just swore to be there on
my return maybe in a day,month
or in a year during my life time...."

Monday, February 1, 2016


"We are two of a kind,
You hurt - I cry,
I laugh - you smile,
If there ever comes a day
when we need to separate,
then we both keep a spot
in our heart realizing
how beautiful life really is
for each us who are twins..."