Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Nature new life

Take a minute and look at the waking up
of nature...

The Ring

Around and around
I walk and run.
I will stumble in the rush
really not knowing the
path ahead of my shadow.
Still circling and walking
around bouncing from one
circle to another, looking
at what I can't really say.
So I ask life to let me run,
running is the only sign
that I'm still alive.  The day that
I stop will be that I don't exist
anymore and can't follow the
circle of life....

Monday, March 28, 2016


Colors of all types and shapes
one only needs to look around
we see colors for our eyes to
decipher.  Do not look at drab
colors but instead at bright
nuances of multiple shades.
They will put a smile on your
face and a joyful bounce in
your heart.
Colors are made to be coordinated
or at times less, but they still are
colors for our pleasure and joy.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Photographer

Like you I have seen and appreciated masterful works,
some are still here (and hope to see them here
for as long as this world exists)
others have gone to other world and I remember
even one  who passed away.
I'm not making any names, because I would be sad
if I forget anyone.
So to all  who for the love of photography,
working with PS or any other mean,
from words of wisdom to writing on the walls,
from close by to faraway land,
maybe separated by a river or oceans,
let's stick together and enjoy what we love the most....

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Light smoke

When your mind closes up
don't despair.
If you let your eyes hold
you down, don't despair.
If a melody reaches your
ears and heart then you
know that you have something
worth while.
I saw a swirl of smoke
and knew that I had to
create something similar,
I realized that the real
swirl was much more creative
than I could ever reproduce...."

Friday, March 18, 2016

Just Hello

Like this dried out plant
emerging from a mild winter,
it now is enjoying an early
spring and hope to become
a great plant for humans to stop
and admire.

Monday, March 14, 2016

A look - a glance

A look, a glance it matters to realize
that individuals are not really all equals.
We pretend, we promise and we
swore to protect the fragile people of
this world.
Do we really mean it or is it just
words we say to look good...
One should not play with humans feelings
not all are strong and capable of fighting
back for their dignity.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The book

"Haaaaa to be able to enter the enchanted forest
of life through the pages of an old book.
One keeps these intelligent objects preciously
with natures lives, humans history.
What is better than to sit and just flip through
pages and pages of taught written by yourself or
someone else who gave freely it's knowledge for the
world to keep .... HISTORY, people write just
write and leave legate it to the next generations to come..."

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


"Listen to my heart beating,
it is steady and strong,
it sings and cries, but it
keeps the beat.
I change color, I loose
strength  by the day, but my
veins keep my blood flow
I loose my mind and my luster
but me the old fighter I
keep going on and on, or until
I'll stop...."

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Women day

"Hello to every women around the world.
I know I'm late in wishing you galls a happy
"Woman day".
I believed that "woman day" is every days
that we open our eyes to a world were a woman
is either over appreciated and pampered,
or to the poor soul who does not even know
that such a day exists.
Why is it that some are born with a golden spoon
in their mouths and others received the spoon on
their bodies for no other reason than being
born a woman......
So today, I cry for these women who can't defend
themselves, and I do not expect anything other
than a genuine smile for being a woman".

Monday, March 7, 2016

Master of sundowns

"I will never achieve the excellence
of god that paints a sundown.
Hold my hand at sundown, when daylight
fades & obscurity is followed by stars.
Hold my hand and I will stop laboring
in this imperfect world of ours.
Let me follow you where time does
not exist and ease my miseries it will.
I will hold on to the sun following him
on the other side of the world and learn
from the master of sundown painting
knowing that I will never equal him.
Finally I will find peace and humble
words to spread around for all to enjoy
the viewing of the master of all the future
sundowns ...."

Saturday, March 5, 2016

White dreamy flower.

White as a gentle dream,
clean as a fresh of breath air,
smelling exquisite perfumes
filling  my mind of beauties,
I had no knowledge of having.
Daily, your smile inspires me
to look into myself and
just let the words
dance out of my head
go straight to someone who
needs them more than I do.
A propulsing feeling escapes into
the wandering unknown of my mind and soul.
How I dream of a white little
flirting flower,  encouraging me
to keep going and not to look
back at the past, but more so
to a future full of healthy dreams
of mind.....

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Lost inspiration

"When inspiration flyes away from my mind
and my heart, I cry just like a baby.
Nothing seems to stir me, not even a lonely flower
or a flake of snow that gently dances around.
Is it the cold or that my heart is getting old
and nothing seems to wake up inside.
I hope that something, someone, no matter where
can re-ignite me to the world around me.
Oh lord high above do not leave me now that
I'm reaching the end of my rope, I have still
so much to learn and accomplish on this earth,
but then you are my master and I poor lost soul
can only wish that you remember me in your
immense wisdom and receive some of your
creative inspiration..."

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

La dolce vita

My special sun in these dark, cold,
unpredictable days.
What's better than a good paper book,
a glass of something, a box playing a
soft music in the background and just
enjoy life while outside nature is playing
havoc with people who do not know how
to walk on icy sidewalks,roads and stairs
and just land up in hospital with broken
A la dolce vite in your own living room.