Friday, March 31, 2017

Cabin fever crying help.

Fever, winter fever is so long to pass.
Working people
don't see the danger of the "fever".
Not so old people, limited
by life in general, the Fever is a
black monster. One turns around
and around all day long, not knowing
what goes on in the outside world.
You only see black and white,
the chill goes through your bones,
your eyes stop staring out the window
and the telephone stays silent.
The Fever monster is with you
hours after hours, it got you so
embedded in it's web, that you do
not dare call for help.
Try not to fight it and you can loose
your life, calling out for help and they
judge you as insane, go out and
you are not sure if you will come
back to your cage.  Some have a
golden cage, others see small creatures
roaming around, ready to jump on you,
but still you do not dare to cry for help.
You are there and the "Fever" won't let
you react, until you give up and just
don't fight it anymore.

NB: If you know people who have the
cabin Feaver, just help them anyway
you can.
The cabin Feaver is a real killer. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Fake or reality.

When is reality real
or is it all fake...
I have seen something
resembling this on a wall
in the city, but artist did
not want it photographed
claiming it was not fully
finished, so I made my own
compo with a flower and
birds going to pick at the
flower.  Where the birds
could be a smoke hiding another
message or is it only my
distorted reality of something
that I believe I have seen........

Let's wait for .....

Life is a game of waiting.
We wait not knowing for what.
Enjoyment is at our hands,
tears flow by themselves,
laughter indication of love,
friendship or hatred.
In waiting in traffic sends us
on tilts or a chance to reflect
on being the instrument of
destruction of our planet.
But then a baboon passes in
front of us and we rage, rage
and more rage.
Maybe it's time we do like
these crows all in their position
waiting for the night to come and
calm down before going away
in a unknown land....

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March 8th

Dear friends around the world
March 8th (International woman's day)
is our day and don't let anyone
tell you otherwise.
Be honest, fair and respectful of the
world, but also be YOURSELF.