Friday, June 23, 2017


When your mind blocks
desperation takes over.
Stop & think for words
that you know.
Never force your soul to
invent words who won't
help you.
Let your heart guide your
fingers until they hurt.
Be free and follow the wild eagle
in a sky made for him.
Eventually the exhaustion of
searching will just fade and
words will be friends.
Clouds dissipate the web you
created and will show you the
clearness needed to put words

Lonely flower

I'm a lonely flower,
once a super beauty,
now I don't recognize myself,
others look at me with sympathy
or disgusts on their faces.
What am I doing here
that people don't appreciate me.
So everyday brings new pains
or joy depending on your state of
mind and what or whom surrounds me ....

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Gift from nature

"Just sit down and listen
to the windy music, 
let the sun caress your body,
the stars perform their best
glowing show in the dark skies,
let the cicadas serenade your ears,
the faraway wolves haul to the palid
lady moon in the mountains.  
In return the only
favor they ask you is 
not spoil the beauty so freely
given to YOU..." 
that's what nature asks of you.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I feel like yelling,
but no sound comes out,
I feel like looking around me,
but I see only blackness.
Maybe if I come home to sing
men accomplishments when I
don't sing or hear music anymore
situations would change.
What have we done to ourselves,
I would not know where to start
I only see desolation, sickness,
greed and no love for mankind,
nature or animals, but I do see selfishness.
So I will stay where I am in the
darkness of the night and let the
moon play around me until I
tire and  go to sleep with the stars
hoping that tomorrow will bring
changes so much needed to live a
long life........                   

Thursday, June 8, 2017

To humans

"Humans should go back to their roots,
appreciate the gift of life given them 
to share on this world.
Once we find the road to eternity
let it be smooth or rough,
there is no coming back to remedy it...."

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Stop & think

There is no window huge or small
to constraint nature from blooming.
Likewise humans need a little sense
to bloom or will become a doomsday.
If only humans would stop and think
the world would be a great place to be.
I would not fear of chocking from corrupt
air nor would I freeze to death.
Drought would only be in our dreams
and  fishes would enjoy the oceans and
not land up in my street.
Floods are killing people, fires are
devouring our forests and people,
air is choking and still we do not care
on how we live or who we kill......                                                                

Saturday, June 3, 2017

High water still

A little more than a month ago
high water hit our region,
devastation, displacement of families,
lost homes and effects were nothing
compared to the impotence of man
towards mother nature.
Design of our new worlds or just going
back to periods when our planet was
The sequences are still visible today,
trees that should have enjoyed a great spring
are still partially underwater, birds can't seem
to get used to this new environment.
As for me, I just sit where there's a piece of
dry spot and imagine what will the future
reserve for the next generations....