Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Uncertain Future...

This shot was taken last evening on the shores
of Lake St-Louis end of Lachine - beginning of Dorval. 
It was sad to see this person talking on the phone
enumerating all his fears if the PQ would win.
I did not ask his name but stood there and said to myself,
what in the world will happen to us who went through
all these emotions if the PQ wins again. 
I managed to survive in early 1960 when M.Levesque
started his movement because I was young and stupid,
I did not follow the long line of exodus.
In the mid 1976 when PQ won,
I was a parent and did not have energy or
courage to leave my parents behind so I toughed it out.
In 1995 my children were almost adults
& could not force them out of their native province. 
Why should I with my white hair have to go through
another period of turbulence and uncertainty,
see more exodus of friends, relatives
and maybe my own grandaughters.....
So I just packed my camera, walked back to the car
and just resigned said to myself:
"May the good winds help us all".       

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