Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A child's pain

Why do man permits PAIN.
It is heart shattering to go
in a ward at any children's
hospital around the world...
These poor angels have done
nothing to merit such a cross.
You see faces filled of tears,
limbs that are not fit even
in your wildest dreams.
Bald children, silent children,
chatty children, those who
have given up and those
who don't know what's their
Children put a smile when
you feel like jumping out a
window or robbing their pain.
A child is not made for
atrocities of the side effects
of their medication.
A child will take your tears and
keep it with him, so he does not
see them falling on is own
gentle face the moment he grabs
the wings of an angel bigger then
him in another world. 
A child should be a celebration
of life ....

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