Monday, January 6, 2014

The old Lady

I'm a lost lady
or so the world says.
With my white hair and
wrinkled face people owe me
some respect.
I breath and cheat
like no tomorrow.
I'm good at disguising
my feelings, but
its short lived, someone
always ask me why.
I make unattainable
demands from myself,  never
expecting concrete results.
I could walk on and on
but there's no place too
faraway for me to reach.
I look and listen to strange
sounds that reach my brain,
knowing full well they do not
belong in my vocabulary.
I refuse & won't look at
those who are less fortunate
than me, for fear of being
one of them in a future life.
That's me running around,
searching and questioning
my life, after 6 almost
7 decades I still can't figure
out this world I proclaim as

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