Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ciao little one from heaven

A letter from heaven from a father to
his daughter on her wedding day.
"Hi there my darling little girl it's daddy
from heaven coming to see you on this
special occasion.  I'm sorry little one
if I can't be with you physically, but
believe me I'm right beside you even if
you don't see me.
How I dreamed of this day, since your
first scream at your birth, I knew deep in
me that you would be a bundle of joy and
pride to me.
I know your heart is heavy and I (as your
father) can feel your heartbreak and your
fitting tears trying to push through me.
I'm trying hard not to let these sentiments
take possession of your body, you really
don't need them and don't deserve them,
TODAY it's your day to shine bright in
the crowd that will surround you and the
young man you brought to me to accept
my approval of your choice.  He is a good
fellow, be good to him and he will be good
to you and the family you will together
create when you feel ready to accept and
take responsibility for a tiny screaming read
head like the one I held in my arms as soon
as you come into this world.
Today I will eat and joke with you, I will try
my best not to step on your feet on your first
dance as a married women, you will feel my
arms around you and like in the older days
you tried to make yourself comfortable  on
my feet and saying "Daddy make me dance..."
Little one I thank you for your continuous love,
for your taughts when you remember me, I know
that deep in that little heart of yours there's always
a place that is mine.  So little one I bless you from
heaven and when you need me, you just say that
little word that came out of your instantly when
you needed me....
"Daddy, stop and listen to me, I need you".
and I will stop what I'm doing in heaven and
come to you.  It's my promisse to you on your
wedding day.
Love angel Daddy.

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