Thursday, April 14, 2016

A child's painting

In a corner of an enchanted park
grew a tree, but not any tree.
Millenium was his name. It was high
and strong, roots bulging from
the earth belly. Surrounded by
more gorgeous and luminous trees
he felt strange to be the only spice
there amongst all the others.
Then one day a very special child
misunderstood by it's peers
came and sat under the tree with
huge tears rolling down his baby
face. "Why are you crying said the
strange tree..." no one wants to play
with me because I'm not normal,
I don't look in people eyes, I don't
talk if I can help it, I go myself and
I look a little strange.
The tree said: My little friend look at
me, am I more beautiful than the others
here? No you are not, but you are a
tree and I'm just a little child.
The tree whispering gently said,
Do not be in a rush to look like everyone
else, but be yourself and like you just did
by coming to confide in me, than one day
you too will be able to listen to another
little boy who need a helping shoulder to
lean on and have a good cry to finally
get up and head held high will finally
accept that he is not just the average
child around.....

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