Monday, October 31, 2016

On this night

On this particular night
when nothing seems real,
little children are super active.
They are going out as their
preferred imaginative friends.
Some are brave, others not so much.
They hold tight their parents hands
but keep going on. They are big people
too, since they are showing off their
costumes and they get candies on top of it.
Little do they know, that down the road
a fake smoke comes out of boxes,
strange sounds make them wonder
their steps start to feel heavy as they
approach the sounds, the noise, the
fumes, the oooooooooohhhhhhhh and the
aaaaaahhhhhhh of lights and fairyland
fantasies.  So let them dream and be proud
of having survived this magical nights for
all the children who are LUCKY enough
to participate and only appreciate their
enjoyment the next day, after a night of
seeing werewolf, goblins, pirates, queen,
princesses, kings and vagabonds....
all the modern cemeteries on the street
around their homes lit with a bright
jack-a-lantern and a black cat....

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