Friday, April 21, 2017

Good maners - what is that?

Good evening, good morning,
good day, good night,
words that really
have no meaning in our times.
One will wonder if humanity
has a tongue, a mouth,
a voice, a vocabulary
diversified as we used to know it.
I for one am for learning new
methods of communications,
but still love the older ones
that I grew up with.  Today we
hear this is bad for your health,
that is bad for human development,
or just the shear stupidity of
99% of humans who do not know
how to use their brains.
We see members of all ages with
headphones not listening to the
outside world.  We see people of all
ages with their fingers going at 100
miles per hour on a little tiny phone,
but who do not see when a bus stops
in front of them.  We see bicycles
going at full speed with no notion that
a red light is on,  or a jogger who could
easily run over a pedestrian just so he
does not need to make a small detour.
People letting their pooch use the public
park as a toilet or even better they pick up
after their animals and just put it on the
sidewalk thinking that the city cleaners are
just behind them ....
Respect is a word that aliens use but not
The stone age might be what is needed to
bring humans to just 'THINK & INVENT'.

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