Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Ending escapade

Hi everyone, hope that you read what I wrote
of our weekend escapade.
We did enjoy our lovely escapade very much,
we had a ball at a local park, rented a four seater
bici contortion that was semi functional from
pedalling and the rest was electrical, but guess
my grandaughter who just got her driving license
insisted on being in charge of the driving.
OK all on board and we started to follow a
specific route, but not being used to it, we kept
going from one side to the other of the path,
honking to walkers, other bici riders who
noticed that we were just a crazy gang of teenagers
and mom and grandma having fun & did not
know the rules of circulation....
at one point we had to push it up hill, we had
to turn it around because we were heading straight
to a darn fountain, we took a downhill road to
arrive at a dead end and guess what we were
chased by the security guards on their own bici,
they taught we were either on drugs or we were
jolly from drinking.  They stopped us and we
said "Sir do you need to see our drivers license,
and just broke in a laugh, to the dismay of the
poor guards, they just said "no" and told us that
our time was up & had to bring the bici back...".
That was our best time of the escapade,  so back
to hotel, change and just took off for more
adventures with food, castles, roads & bridges,
fountains & more fountains, but still not many
people who spoke roman.  We did meet a nice
and very pleasant maitre D at a restaurant who
was so polite, spoke well Italian, enticed us to
stop and have a meal at the restaurant were he
worked and spent quite a bit of time eyeing my
two grandaughters.  He was funny, a bit clowny,
and a fine gentleman who offered us a great smile,
a rose to all four of us and a BIG FAT BILL.
Oh well it was really worth it, so I did not mind
paying the bill.
Last but not least, we ordered a taxi for the Sunday
morning ride to the airport, to our shock and
apprehension,  the ride was going to cost us
60 Eu. (remember we paid 45 Eu. for the same ride).
but on Sunday it cost 15 Eu. more.....
The driver was an excellent driver who could have
easily beaten any formula A1, running through the
street of Rome and the highway like a formula 1 race
car & we had told him that we had lots of time because
our flight was late in the afternoon.  When he left us
he looked at our faces (white from the fear of the drive)
and brought the fare down by 10 Eu.
DROVE US.  Did not understand much anyway.

They say "Home sweet Home" now I know how true it
is.... Well at least until our next Escapade - but we still have to
decide where we are going (maybe Alaska or Greece and the opas

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