Saturday, November 11, 2017

One more left

Today I cry remembering
all my good fortunes.
Life is priceless but young
men and women gave it up
for me and you.  Not many
are still around from escaping
hell a long time ago.
I was sad for this year I have
said goodbye to one of these
man who for five years no one
had news of.
He never talked about those
years, he never shed a tear on
the 11th of November, how I
would have taken all the pain
he so well hid.  Now you have
left us a void and no stories,
only memories of a laughing
little man.  I know that you will
make everyone laugh wherever
you are, please share a song and
a laugh with all the loved ones
that have left me behind.  I know
the path was hard, but now that
I have reached the start of the
path, I know that you were my
example to follow in your foot
steps.  Dear one so "HI" to all
those that I know for me. 

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