Friday, May 11, 2018

A while...

It's been a while that I closed my find.
A weekend of souvenirs,
a light dimmed by time
always a reminder that my mom
is not around with me.
I understand
I know
I feel
her presence besides me
I should be joyful that my brain
and heart is full of good times.
No need to see you, your granddaughter
stole your eyes.  Your voice is still
on the answering machine, but one
day I will let it rest.  Mom you
loved this flower and this garden toy
looking at them makes me happy
I can see, touch and remember your
gorgeous stories about them.
Sunday is your day, so please                 
pardon me if I come tomorrow,
deposit these two and I'll just walk
away, knowing that you are still with
Enjoy your new life mom.

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