Friday, June 5, 2015

Our world

Sun rays accompany you while
on vacation.
It runs with you and around you,
nothing could stop their run
searching for a little spot to rest a while,
not knowing that they were born
to renew itself every and each time the
sun commands it.
Oh rays you are the joy on ones face
you give out your smile and cries freely.
You dance on the oceans and play
hide seek in the forests of Amazon or
the tundra of the north poles.
You burn faces of the laborer and
those who do nothing than smile or
people who build castles then just
washed away by your friend the ocean.
Along with your best friend the wind
you can create havoc or just give out
a little breeze and warmth to those who
suffer in silence.
Early morning little creatures await your
waking up to start their days from the
depth of the ocean to the highest mountain
known to mankind.

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