Thursday, June 4, 2015

Our lives!

Yes our lives are full of sunshine
or at other times dark with
black clouds hovering over our
At times we feel happy like
children and will jump in a puddle
of rain accumulated on a side
walk hoping that no one will see
us and think we need to be seen
by a medic.
Other times we will walk out
on a balcony and just look at
the stars twinkling in a pitch
dark sky.
But my best time is when I
talk to the moon, telling her that
she looks beautiful withher
orange look, or her gray and
black face. Or simply I ask her
to walk with me in silence so
both we can enjoy a few minutes
of peace in this tormented world...
So if you excuse me I'm going to
join the moon outside and just
ask her to be my companion for
a while before I go and sleep
for the night.

Good night or good morning
wherever you are on this planet.

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