Sunday, February 12, 2017

For music lovers

In 1996,  I was in southern of Italy  for visiting
and vacationing with some local friends.
We stopped in the village of  Cellino San Marco.
Our friends invited us to go out for a meal at the
hacienda of Mr.Albano & Romina Power.
Mrs.Romina Power was a splendid host and with
a smile talked to me in English not to make me feel
uncomfortable with my Italian.  If there is paradise
then it must be in that part of Italy.  Unfortunately
right after the disappearance of their daughter (never
found alive or death) they broke up, she went her way
looking and searching for her daughter and in the end
not only did she loose her daughter but also her husband
Albano whom she divorced.  A few years later he remarried
and has two children with the other companion.  But deep
down the flame that burns in his heart is Romina.
Now they started to sing again on some occasions
and the emotions are for the world to see and feel.
But in his heart the love is there and he sings it in
this song that I invite you to go and listen. 
His voice is a little unstable due to open
heart surgery not long ago.  Will they ever go back together
I do not believe so.  Too many events (mostly sad ones)
will make it that they will only be together again when
both are gone....

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