Saturday, February 11, 2017

Not on me....

The sense of humor of some people is just fantastic.
My area is populated by more dogs than people, 
no problem here for me.  What I object to is the lack
of respect from the owners of these pooches.  They
want pets (OK by me) but when these little friends 
need the potty why bring them in public parks or my
front yard.  You can easily make a portable doggy
potty and use it whenever the needs arise. I object
to pick up your pet's sh..... or the plastic bag that you
use to dispose of his poop and then put it on my
front yard, or just launched it in the public parks,
what about my right to walk on pristine snow and not
to worry about your excrement, so with a little angel
and a  not doggy poops, hope you will get the message
otherwise I will take drastic actions to report you to the
dog police (which is me) and then we will see who will
have the last laughs.                              

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