Saturday, July 8, 2017

An escapade

You will say
"An escapade..."
sure why not!
Like the youngsters,
I have a light foot,
loving to fly around the world
when possible and say
"Hello and goodbye".
Yes you might have guessed it,
my escapade of four and half days
including the flying time was to
the beautiful Rome, Italy.
Well at least the part that was
planned in my escape.
Visited the gorgeous villa Borghese,
all the other tourists piazzas, churches
& stairs, cathedrals and St-Peter,
the Colosseum to the castle San Angelo
and all their surroundings strade and
stradelle.  I was assaulted by authentics
flavours and perfumes from big cafes,
small trattorias or just the around the corner
eat and go.

>End of first Chapter<

Like our friend here, he who is
patient will accomplish something
so please be patient in continuing to
read me. 
Thank you 

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