Friday, July 14, 2017

Escapade start point

Last minute decision,
OK first it's the appointment for an hairdo,
a mad rush inside a closet to fill up a
carry on luggage, so plan carefully,
otherwise you risk to put in high heals instead
of running shoes.
Don't forget we were 4 women on this escapade.
So at least 2 clothing changes a day,
should we bring umbrella in case of rain,
no bathing suit that was for sure (no time) to
go to the beach.
Tickets, money, passports, make sure for
the local taxi not to be stuck in traffic to airport
as if WE had a say in that...
Sure enough we forgot photo camera & cell phones.
So less than halfway to airport, taxi made a U-turn
ran like crazy, got our gears and just made it
with 30 minutes to spare.
BUT, yes there is a BUT,
we had standby tickets!
will there be enough places for the 4 of us,
no one cared to sit all together as long as we were
all on the same plane.
No luck ... flight was full,
ran to another airline and fantastic luck
there were 4 places but not for Rome, but instead
to Frankfurt with a possible connection to Rome.
OK we had 2 hours to wait, so just enough time
to find a seat and organize to advice hotel, shuttle
for our late arrival.
Embarked and the youngsters fell asleep all the way
to Frankfurt.  But granny kept playing games and
could not close my eyes, but managed to relax a little.

OK that's it for this first chapter.

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