Friday, February 9, 2018

February colors

Who affirmed that February is a shabby month.
Instead look at it this way.
February posses two face.
The white face during the day
and a tormented face at sundown.
Early mornings are two colors,
gray and black and cold.
All day long one can only wish to
Then slowly so slowly clouds break out,
the wind pick up & along comes the
freezing wind to cool our bones.
Then suddenly it's sundown,
mother nature has a show to perform
and I'm ready to give an applause at the
end of the spectacle.
Just like a painter facing it's canvas
his hands and fingers find the way to
marvel the passerby eyes that will
stop, turn and speechless will stand
there and soak in the beauty that
comes and very slowly just dies down.
I'm left content and keep on walking
until maybe tomorrow appointment
with another painting for me to assess
and signed "mother nature".

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