Friday, February 2, 2018

Dream for me too...

Dear reader tonight roaming through some old
songs of my beloved Naples, Italy I came across
an old song "O surdato Nnammurato".
A young man went to war and sings about
his love..

So what other words could he
(or all those who go to war today)
have written about.

"I dream of keeping my dream
alive or until it will last
or to our last breath..
At the twilight time,
I dream of holding your warm hands
and caressing the palms of those
fragile hands that caressed me in the past.
Please keep that spark  glowing in your eyes
that was only mine to enjoy,
your looks drove me crazy,
so I look at this twilight and dream
of afterglows that we will share
upon my return.
I pray that my body will remain just
as you remember it, I can't promise
you much more, here we never know
if we will see another twilight or that
we can walk towards it.
So dear one, keep dreaming for me too,
and keep your arms and heart warm and
open for me upon my return..." .

NB:That's why I choose this photo of the
moon and the golf of Naples, taken in 2015
in the darkness of the night. 

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