Thursday, March 1, 2018

March craziness

Today first of march,
here is a saying from my nonna.

February is short and sour,
March is crazy...
one is fooled by the exit of
February mid weather leaving
like a sheep & to be replaced by
lion march.
But little do people know about
this MARCH,
it's craziness at it's highest point
when you expected least.
It will lash at your in a brutal way,
remembering the 4th of march 1971,
when it dumped 3 feet of snow in the
space of 18 hours. People had gone to
work and running shoes but never
made it back to their homes before the
next day in late afternoon, the city was
closed, only emergency vehicles where
allowed out at their risks and perils.
So what will this march bring us????

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