Friday, March 23, 2018

Do not stop time...

Tic Tac Tic Tac says my grandfather clock
do not laugh I still have a clock that looks
older than I am...
Sitting in a corner counting the time
ticking away, never tiring or complaining.
From it's position he says hello and goodbyes
but most of the time no one pays attention.
I'm the only one who still look at it
believing that he realizes that if not for me
it would have been disposed off a long time ago.
It's his duty to keep me company when I'm
lonely and sad.  He's happy to see me happy
when I count the tic tacs in anxiety for
special events. He quiets down, feeling my
sorrow or my strange moods.
At times I let myself to sleep with it's
murmurs and wake up joyful enough to
blow the clock a great happy kiss.
That's what love of old object is all about,
since I am part of the older generation
who does not want time to stop....                  

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