Monday, April 16, 2018

A long time...

It's been a long time that I did not
post anything new.  First of all I'm
a person who enjoys exploring and
trying new ideas, sites, processes,
I love to experiment with photos
and as such I'm always on the lookout
for new textures, new colors, new
actions.  So hope you got where I'm
arriving... I downloaded a program
believing it was from a safe site and
did I get the surprise of my life...
My computer was almost smoking
by itself.  It would open, close,
go dark, go slow, go so fast that one
could only stare at it and before one
realizes what's the problem it just
dies on you.
Now what?
how could it happen?
How come my anti virus did not pick it up?
How come it was listed as a safe sites
and then kaboommmm it killed my computer.
Tried for a few hours to see what I could do,
to no avail, it was completely and surely dead.
I'm no expert, so still panicking called the
Computer Man for a solution...
Oh dear, please bring it in, we will look at it
and then I will tell you the cost to put it back
together.  So ok, how much could it be?
My list of problem was half a mile long.
1) it needed to be reformatted.
2) I needed a list of programs that I had on my "box"
3) did I want the latest version of this or that program
4) did I want the latest version of the operating system.
5) did I save all my materials on the hard disk or another place.
it looked like my video card was shot,
my cd player was shot,
my sound system shot,
my mother board could be shot

I started to turn white at all this mambo jumbo,
I said "is there anything worth saving on this darn box".
my computer man said: "Lady buy a new one and bring it
to me so that I can make it to your specifications..."
So until I find a computer that pleases me, I have to
contend myself with my old and reliable 10 year old portable.
Hopefully that will teach me to not be to adventurous and
don't believe when they say "Download from this safe site"...

So hopefully I'll get all my material back and be more active.

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