Friday, July 13, 2018

Like a fool

Like a fool, I run with no objective.
My taughts are only for you,
then I stumble, fall and to no avail
try to retrace that road that has
Still keeping my run,
again my taughts are following you.
To no avail that light brightening your
eyes were only for me, now no more.
Sitting on the edge of this great sea
my taughts are still  trying to
make sense of why that smile has gone with
the waves out of my life and my heart.
Where did I go wrong? what did I say,
that my taughts still can't figure out,
probably will never leave me, since
these are the last guardian of you
my lost angel... There is no star
bright or shining like you, but they
come back to tease me nightly, but
they forget that it's not you.
Goodnight my love, I will preserve
these taughts of you until you decide
to come back to me...

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