Monday, July 30, 2018

Silence is gold

Why this title and why this image?

I just got some horrific news from
the old continent, twisted tongs
enjoying burning me and family to
the ground.
My soul revolts to such behavior,
a behavior that is one side views.
I don't believe in curses but then I
wish I knew a deadly curse.
If you are a church person, how can
you and with which authority you
amuse yourself in defaming not
only me but my hole family. 
Do I keep my mouth shut and pretend
having heard nothing, do I bury my
head and heart in the sand and go on
as if nothing is going on. 
I do not believe I can take it any longer,
but being a non violent person, I will
ignore these two tonged individuals
and hope (since I don't pray any longer)
that all is said and done against
their family will come and hunt them
and their descendant for eternity....

PS: look at this image and hope you
see what I saw while composing it.

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