Tuesday, December 29, 2015

It's coming down

Oh what a beauty there is outside.
It's all white just to despite old and
young for having missed us this
past week.
Now with a vengeance it's coming down,
but people are laughing, they are
inside enjoying a great bon fire.
Let it come, let it come, I won't mind
I have no desire other than see the
young ones fooling around.
Something is crackling, but I don't
know what... is it the log in the fireplace
or my bones that protest the big change.
Let it come down, I will just make some
hot coffee and warm ginger bread for
company. Oh I wished for a change but
never expected mother nature would take
my world and it was not even a prayer...
but it's coming down slowly, furiously,
it stops and than starts all over again.
So now I close this box in front of me,
and slowly dressing up like frosty going
out and see what's like it to embrace the
white and cool snow coming down on me...

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