Saturday, December 26, 2015

Smart Nature

Nature the teacher of  excellence
of all subjects.
She will fool you in believing that
you can play around with
without having a price tag.
Nature is smart and subtle, it
create life to feed our whims and
Most of the times nature speaks
to us in her mysterious language
but we pretend deafness and
more intelligent and neglect to react.
Nature is pureless only if man knows
how to ignore it's cries for help or
tears of panic.  It's telling us not to
invade her space in so many ways.
Leave it be, nature knows what it is
doing but us the human fool, we master
abuse and laugh about it.
Nature one day will say: "Enough is
enough, you either listen to my advice
or I will use force to make you listen".
Will it be too late or are we so fools
that we wish our own destruction???

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