Tuesday, December 22, 2015


"The sea, like a mistress or a secret lover,
gets hold of you so softly, gently that eventually
you fall in love with it's moods and charms.
Don't try to runaway from it, you can even
curse it, adore it, for sure you will be fed  of
her goods or be your last resting sight during
one of her furious anger.
All try, but no one can conquer her fully,
she's like the mistress that keeps showing you
the most beautiful beauties until you
stupidly betray her, then it becomes
merciless and with just cause.
Oh how I wish it was my backyard view
at the opening of my eyes, never making
her a solid promise, but respectfully I would
be honest, I would show her charm and
beauty that fills me just at her sight..."
That's my love for the sea.

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