Saturday, January 9, 2016


A touch of frost reached my heart,
nothing can warm it up.
Rocks surround my heart with a
weight that pulls me down & won't let go.
I ask, search, run with no avail,
my heart is still heavy under the frost
of my own creation I can't get rid of,
it's so cold that goosebumps are now
permanently present on my skin.
Why, can't anyone tell me why,
this dreadful feeling of frost won't leave me.
Might it be me, my stupidity or just
vanity in not believing what I'm told...
that my lover boy as gone to test further water
down the stream, leaving my heart encrusted of frost
that will stay with me for a long time.
Time will be my friend and warm me up,
but my lover boy won't leave again with that
frost, who eventually will melt away.
I will pick up the pieces and keep myself
warm and won't let anyone put frost around
my heart ever again.

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