Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Today of all days

Today of all days
after a long wishing and praying
time for cold and snow weather,
finally my wish was granted.
Bundled up like a bear marching
through the Arctic tundra, I felt I had
a great friend following me getting
down from the warmth of the modern
day sled, my car.
Once my feet touched the ground
I'm still wandering if I can call it as
such.  A sensation of boiling blood
ran through my body.  The wind
owling, the sun blinding, the rushed
sun of ice hitting ice flowing down
the river realizing that like the
seagulls sitting there on a junk
of ice, I was waiting for a sign,
a sign that would hit me for a long
time.  A friend is a friend whom
you never turn your back to.
The seagull looked around waiting
for food that never came out of
the icy river.   When suddenly
the wind balancing a piece of
stale bread fell from the skies,
landing in front of the famished
gull who carefully brought that
piece of food under her wing,
her head bend & was satisfied to
know that it was her diner for the day.
All in all it lasted five minutes,
my fingers were getting frostbites,
my feet were turning blue and my
camera refused to snap other shots
for the cold and the owling wind....

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