Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I'm holding back my emotions,
not knowing how to keep my cool,
a miserable day seems to lay ahead
and I have no control of my emotions.
Do I say something or do I just keep
silent.  Will I bare repercussions or
feel so good that I will pass over any
What a day, no one is around to listen
to my cries or screams of frustrations.
I look at that door, hesitations are constantly
in the back of my head, trying to make
sense of these past days or future days.
Do I deserve such a treatment!
I can't really say, do I see a way out of
it, I really don't know. So this is the
dilemma that placates my time,
my reputation or even my sanity...

Maybe just maybe I will talk to someone
I just hope they have time and patience to
just sit with a stone face, because any
emotions they might show will draw me
back into the shell just like a turtle!

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