Sunday, February 28, 2016

What a night......

Good morning world!
What a night I had looking from inside to the outside world.
Me with fluffy warm slippers on trying to imagine what the
man was going outside in the pitch dark night with an
hauling wind, the sting of microscopic pellets biting at
his face, where only a trail of breath could be seen when
the snow let you in.
Poor excuses to go walking when you knew that city crew
never came out to clear that blanket of white snow, but
you poor soul had to bring your little friend go and do
his things.  I turned off the light, had a drink of water
and oped in bed, turning and tossing with in mind that white
shadow and his dog still around outside.
So I got up and went back to see a mass on a sidewalk
not moving and the puppy faint bark, without thinking
ran out and sliding a few times finally reached the mass,
called out, the person kept asking about the puppy and cringing in
pain indicated his foot, back in inside called ambulance
and kept puppy with me saying to the man, don't worry I'll keep
him until tomorrow.  Settled the puppy down, I went back to bed
and early this morning received call our nightly friend was OK only minor
A good deed and a little furry, yappy friend running around is way to much
excitement for me .... all this is due to a night of snow,wind and my curiosity.

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