Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Let me call you

Let me call you
open the door and listen to me
stop playing around for I
fear my heart will breakdown.
Let me call you
one more time for old time sake,
I know that I have wronged you
in all ways, but just this last time,
Let me call you
for I fear my mind in going to blow
not knowing how you see me in your
Let me call you
I swear I won't ask much of you
I just need a reassuring word that
deep  in your heart there is
a place for me to come to one
day when you open your locked
door for me not to trespass.
Let me call you
even dough I know that I do not
deserve you, but you are my
soul, my heart and my eyes,
you could melt all my bones and
still I would come to you if only
you would answer my call.

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