Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The story of the ROSE.

A rose only protection against the world
and nature itself  is the thorns.
For centuries it served many purposes.
The chevalier would present it to his "Lady".
The king would immerse it in gold and
give it to his queen.
The viking would grow it on the rugged terrain
in the faraway north land.
The poet would write it's fragrance and
The musician would contemplate it and compose
notes of yellow hope, dark crimson red for
the love hidden in him. The painter would
create a creamy white to reflect it's sentiments
for the model in front of him to be admired
centuries later.
A miserable or a samurai would kiss it and
give it to the belle of the house.
The wounded soldier dries his tears with
the rose and closes it in his memoirs hoping
that one day his children or grand children
will find the book and contemplate his
sacrifice for the love of his 'ROSE'.
That's the story of a flower named 'ROSE' and
her countless thorns."

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