Friday, July 8, 2016

Child's mind

What does a child sees in a mural not
painted by adults but by other children
who are worst off than they are?
Two small twin children, just came out
from a very sick little boy, they both had
a lost look on their faces, but no tears
streaming down from sky blue eyes
until they advanced 10 baby feet out of
the room.  Both looked at each other and
just looked as if they had seen a ghost.
Mil said to Mel "Why do you think
Red is white like my underwear and
his head looks like a colored watermelon".
A child thinking is not to be ignored but
rather understood, he knows that something
is wrong even if he can't give it a name.
Our two little fellows turned their attention
to a chalkboard and just started to draw,
nothing fancy, just lines, circles, dots and
so on. Until both stopped & looked at their
work.  They were amazed and mystified by
it.  Not by the quality or quantity, not for
artistic value or greatness but because it
was the expression of their feelings that they
couldn't convey to the adults. When you see
two toddlers looking from their achievement
to the room where the other child was confined
to his bed, they kept staring in the space and
their work, you can see the wheels turn, turn
and turn, what are they up to now...

Story to be continued.....

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