Saturday, July 2, 2016

Caring one another...

For all the men and women
who fight with their lives to protect me,
my parents,my children,
my home,my ways of life
and yours.
Soldiers who have blood running in
their veins do not hesitate to risk it for ME.
I admire your courage and expertise,
until you reach the enemy visible or
invisible full of dangerous situations,
you don't think of your own safety,
but rather the safety of your countrymen,
faced with danger or events on your path,
you will not turn your back on it.
I can't  even know or imagine what goes
through your mind, but I'm sure that fear and
safety is always on it.
Like this image (I don't know the
author of it) you look after your own and
the animals that might accompany you
on your missions and when it's time to
take a rest your first concern is making
sure that everyone is well covered from
all dangers  (in this case "the dog") and
your brother of arms.


Anonymous said...

There are so many who give of themselves to protect us -- many times it goes unnoticed.
Your words are something to hold in our heart.
Will never forget Firefighters, 2 houses up from us, fighting a blaze that didn't want to be tamed.
I have a photo of one coming through the smoke on the roof of the house to chop a hole to release the fury inside.
They who do these jobs, by choice, will always be special souls.


1234 said...

Thank You PeggyC for your visit and comment.
"I fully agree with you for "firefighters and anyone else who either by their line of duty, work or volunteers put their lives in on the front line to save lives for me are all HEROS".
Please send me the photo you are talking about and I believe I have something on firefighters but I was just waiting for a perfect shot to accompany it.
Again Thanks.