Thursday, July 28, 2016

Child's mind....

Note: Sorry for not finishing this story, but the
boy who was extremely sick just left our earth
and joined the angels in another world, where
no pains exists, no tears flow down tiny faces,
no need to be poked and probed by humans
who would give their own life if it would save
one of these angels stay a while longer among
their loved ones.
Our two little ones, deep down, sensed that the
grown-ups were lying to them about their
friend being gone during the night when no one
was around to play with him.  When you see
and empty bed just a little bigger than a crib,
being scrubbed and the hole room sanitized
you just know that it's not normal.  But nature
knows how to ease the pain and sweeten the
feelings of sadness for which children are
capable of.
Grown ups to loose a child it's almost the end
of the world, you ask yourself: "Why him, just
why him who had not started a life yet.  Why
not take me instead that I have lived and maybe
do not wish to live anymore for fear of getting
old, sick, foolish or even non descriptive among
the living in today's world.

So this story ends here, and maybe one day
I would want to talk to these two children left
and hopefully will alive to tell me what they
really felt deep down when they saw the empty
bed next morning....

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