Thursday, August 11, 2016

Untill you say YES

Like two lovers we are alone
we feel the world is all ours,
you keep your distance from me,
I keep my distances from you.
Slowly, so slowly our eyes are
searching themselves not being
used to this feeling of strangeness
that we are trying to show the world.
Oh how I miss your dancing eyes
reflecting mine in them. I head and
my heart aches at this distance we
seem to have fallen.  Far away
little dancing stars keep coming and
going from the horizon to our feet and
still we pretend to be an ocean apart.
O my love and only love what can I
say to reach you and make you mine
again.  My arms ache at not encircling
you, my hands a frozen from not caressing
you, my hole body is revolting and me
poor keeper of this body have to refrain
because YOU are still thinking of me as
a stranger in your life.  Dearest love of
mine just put me out of my misery and say
that you will be mine so that I can shout it
to the sun, the dancing stars on the water,
to the birds so they can join us in our
happiness.  Untill you say YES, I will not
be me and I will be just the shell of a
human man.....

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