Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The last flowers

A flower has feelings I believe.
Today I spent a couple of hours
just looking at flowers that bloom
in my garden.  Early morning rays
found some flowers still sleeping,
while others were just fully awake
and shining.  My eyes went
naturally to the sleeping flowers to
see their awakening and searching
for the warm sunrays.
The moon was still visible in the
blue sky, but this time my lady friend
the moon had not capted my full
attention.  No I had to see the
evolution of the flowers to life
for me to enjoy and write about.
I'm no fancy writer, I write what I
see not with my eyes but with the
heart to that's beats in me.
I will enjoy this phenomenon until
the flowers start to cause my allergies
waken up and then I close myself in
the four walls and not able to see
them before they just freeze in time....

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