Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What I Found

When I need a spirit upload I direct myself to
great opera singers and their friends.  A full
collection of these artists lift my mood and
go back in time when life was simpler and
honest.  Sure quarrels existed between families
but they never lasted long or they would die
and not speak to each others for their living
This is what I have found that to me depicts
our strange world of today.

"Where is the justice in this world?
The wicked make so much noise mother
The righteous stay oddly still
With no wisdom
All of the riches in the world
Leaves us poor tonight

And strength is not without humility
It's weakness and untreatable disease
And war is always the choice
Of the chosen
Who will not have to fight...."

The Italian version goes like this:

"Dov'e la giustizia in questo mondo?
Mamma, i malvagi fanno cosi tanto rumore.
I giusti rimangono stranamente in silenzio.
Senza saggezza, tutte le ricchezze del mondo
ci lasciano poveri stasera. E la forza e nulla
senza umilta.
La debolezza una malattia incurabile.
E la guerra e sempre la scelta degli eletti
che non devano combattere".

NB: Photo is mine and depicts the feelings one
gets when you look out of your soul.

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